Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Host Seth McFarlane’s Blatant Bigotry


Oscar Host Seth McFarlane’s Blatant Bigotry 

February 25, 2013 (Wesley J. Smith/The Corner) – Can you imagine the Oscars allowing anyone to host the big show who had mocked defenseless minorities? No? Well, think again. This year’s host, Seth McFarlane, created Family Guy, a show which castigated the late Terri Schiavo as a “vegetable”—which, like the N-word, is an epithet meant to demean, degrade, and dehumanize. From my blog entry on the bigotry:

Fox’s Family Guy stooped even beneath its usual scatological obsessions to literally mock a dead woman, whose only “crime” was to have been profoundly cognitively disabled. The episode—which I embedded below only after much thought, opens with a fictional school play, Terri Schiavo:The Musical. 

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