Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chalk + sidewalk = baby save

May 14, 2015

Baby Saved Through
Sidewalk Chalk

By Angela Erickson, SFLA Northern Regional Coordinator

Helping to save lives and make an impact on your campus sometimes doesn’t take much effort at all. In fact, it can be so simple, fun and easy yet have a profound impact on someone else’s life.

Take Lauren Goodale, the president of Promoting the Gift of Life at the University of Wisconsin Platteville, for example. Her club started two years ago and just this year they instituted the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, which seeks to be advocates for pregnant and parenting students. One easy thing they did to show their support was something all of us pro-lifers do all the time: sidewalk chalking.

Yesterday Lauren sent me a message that described an encounter she had with a young woman on campus and her 15 month-old boy. This woman found herself in an unplanned pregnancy nearly two years ago (when the club started) and was scared. This is how Lauren described what unfolded:

“[The woman] was scared and facing a lot of uncertainty, but she saw our chalk on the sidewalks and said she felt so encouraged, supported, and confident to carry on! I haven’t had anything like that happen before!”

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Big Win in Fargo

In a huge win for two courageous young pro-life high school students, Fargo North and Davies High Schools have officially recognized two Students for Life Clubs organized by pro-life students Brigid O’Keefe and Katie McPherson. The approval came in response to a demand letter sent by the law firm of Students for Life of America, the Thomas More Society, on behalf of the students challenging as unconstitutional the schools’ denial of the pro-life clubs.

“I am happy and thankful that the school has approved our club,” said Brigid O’Keefe, a sophomore at Fargo North High. “We are thankful to the attorneys at Thomas More Society and to Students for Life of America for supporting all our efforts. We look forward to educating our fellow students on the beauty of life at all stages and offering assistance to those in need in our community. I am grateful to Fargo North for approving Spartans for Life, and we look forward to creating a thriving club at our school.”

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Western Washington Students for Life
Reaches Out to RAs

Often student groups have to find creative solutions to meet the needs of their pregnant and parenting students on campus. One helpful solution for bridging the gaps in resources is creating Resident Advisor Kits to help educate and prepare Resident Advisors to better respond to pregnant, parenting, and post-abortive students.

This Spring, Western Washington Students for Life took on Resident Advisor Kits as a new Pregnant on Campus resources project. Their RA Kit project has opened up a new conversation on campus about the lack of pregnancy and parenting resources available to students, and it has provided numerous opportunities for the Western Washington SFL group to provide information and resources to departments around campus.

Way to go, Western Washington Students for Life!

We asked Western Washington SFL to update us on their efforts and the importance of this type of outreach. Here’s what they had to say!

HR36Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

“It seems we’re never quite so eloquent as when we decry the crimes of past generations, and yet we often become staggering blind when it comes to facing and rejecting the worst of atrocities in our own time.” - Congressman Trent Franks on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act
Watch the video.

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Gunner, the oldest son of Kristan Hawkins, has Cystic Fibrosis. Parents who find out that their preborn child has CF abort in 87% of cases. There is never a reason for abortion.

Keri Vaca’s Small Miracles Photography is home to beautiful photos of pregnant homeless women.