Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SCANDAL: Catholic Hospital Abortion Referral

"If you are thinking about having an abortion,
it's best not to wait."
-- PeaceHealth, Catholic health care system


Would a true Catholic ever say this:
"If you are thinking about having an abortion, it's best not to wait"?
No. Of course not.
But unfortunately that is what the Catholic health care provider PeaceHealth is telling people on its web site.
Planned Parenthood is listed too... as a place "to get help."
The PeaceHealth web site also features pages about abortion in these terms: "This topic is about ending a pregnancy."
You see, PeaceHealth is a big Catholic health care system on the West Coast with 10 hospitals, 50 medical clinics, and 850 providers.
Respectfully urge them to remove all abortion referral information.
It's easy and fast.
As you well know, abortion and abortion referrals go against God's Law...
... and the most basic right to life.
And that's why a pro-life employee at PeaceHealth (who wants to remain anonymous) asked TFP Student Action for help.
"If I could get the referral page to Planned Parenthood removed from the Catholic PeaceHealth Patient Education pages, I would be happy," she wrote. "I work for PeaceHealth and have been lobbying with our Ethics Director to no avail. The answer I have been given is that there is a Disclaimer (in a tiny font)."
"It is a disgrace for a Catholic health care group," she continued, "and I cannot fathom why it is so difficult for them to update it to reflect what is supposed to be our ethos."
PeaceHealth's mission statement is very clear.
It says: "We carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way."
Which is another good reason to ask PeaceHealth's Peace Island Medical Center to stop listing Planned Parenthood as a "partner organization."
Yet oddly enough -- after searching -- I couldn't find a single pro-life resource or crisis pregnancy center listed anywhere on PeaceHealth's web page.
It's sad.
So let's speak up for the unborn now.
And urge PeaceHealth to remove Planned Parenthood and all pro-abortion language and referrals from its web site -- today -- immediately.
Will you also share this alert with your pro-life friends, please?
Thank you so much for defending the unborn.
God will reward you.
John Ritchie
John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property, Student Action
P.S. -- I invite you to uphold the 5th Commandment of the Law of God and defend the unborn by urging PeaceHealth to remove Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion language and referrals from its web site.
Thank you for sharing this alert with your e-mail list.
God bless you!
Contact information:
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1115 SE 164th Avenue, 3rd Floor
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