Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Baby Titus needs your love this Thanksgiving ❤

“(I’m) praying to God for health, to be able to educate his children…”
 - Festus Kilile

Festus Kilile thought her years of child rearing were long done. Grandmother to three healthy grandchildren, she took the arrival of the fourth in stride. Her daughter-in-law, Ndunge, had easy births, and Festus herself was a traditional birth attendant.

Even though Kenya suffers from some of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world, Festus never dreamed that there would be terrible complications when Baby Titus was born.

All night long, the women prayed, but Festus could not stop Ndunge’s bleeding. The nearest health care center was closed. There was no way to get Ndunge to the nearest hospital, 25 miles away.

A new grandchild was born. A beloved daughter-in-law died. Festus is now mother and grandmother. 
While Festus fears for the children’s future, she has great faith.

While Festus feels overwhelming sorrow and guilt at the loss of her daughter-in-law, she can’t give up. Four little lives depend on her for food, water, shelter and love. Now six weeks old, Baby Titus is at the greatest risk. His infant formula costs the family 1,000 Kenyan shillings (approximately $10 US) for a tin that will feed him for only four days.

Through your support, some of Festus’ prayers have been answered. Your generosity has guaranteed a steady supply of infant formula for Baby Titus, which the family simply cannot afford. There are more than 2,000 motherless, at risk babies like Titus in Kenya. Your generosity is helping many of them.

Thanksgiving is a time for family. It’s a time to count blessings. As you prepare to share the holiday table with your own loved ones, please set a place in your heart for Festus and Baby Titus, and share a gift of love.
GIVE LOVE THIS THANKSGIVING                             
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