Thursday, November 5, 2015

California forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortions

Dear Friend of Life,

In what can only be described as a direct attack on the pro-life movement and on women seeking adoption options --​ as well as a complete trashing of the First Amendment​ --​ a new California law is forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to actually promote abortions.

But this even goes beyond California.  The abortion lobby has already tried pushing similar laws in states like Texas and New York, and with this victory in the most populous state in the nation, the lobby has been emboldened to push the agenda across the country.

California’s "Reproductive FACT Act," signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last month, fines pro-life pregnancy centers if they don’t post signs in their waiting rooms promoting California's free or low-cost abortions and directing women to facilities that commit abortions.

So much for the often-touted abortion slogan "safe, legal, and rare."  The abortion lobby and its enablers in California government who passed this law are not interested in making abortion "rare."  The heavy fines that pro-life pregnancy centers will be forced to pay if they don't comply may shut many of them down.  ​The very abortion groups that claim to want women to have “choices” are actually working with government to try to remove their choices.

Live Action has been ​u​sing our social media platforms and national ​media ​interviews​ to warn ​America that these unethical and unconstitutional government edicts could be coming to crisis pregnancy centers in ​other states.
Now that the abortion lobby has convinced government to fine pro-life clinics for not promoting abortions, what will it push next?  A law demanding that when parents or churches teach kids about life, they are also required to teach them they have a “right” to kill the preborn and point them ​to the nearest abortion facility?  That's not so far fetched in the wake of this insane law that so many thought could never pass.

We must continue to speak out, defend, and support those on the front lines of the pro-life movement who are in crisis pregnancy centers helping women and saving children every day.

This is just one more reason we must remain vigilant and informed.  Please bookmark and visit our Live Action News website frequently. That way, you can easily stay up-to-date with developments like this and the latest news in the pro-life movement.
Yours in the fight for life,
Lila Rose
Live Action
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