Tuesday, November 17, 2015

China: 40 Million Bachelors Can Just Share Wives

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Chinese Media Hails Two-Child Policy, Ignores Gendercide: 40 Million Bachelors Can Just Share Wives
China Daily has cheerfully announced the economic gains expected through the implementation of its new two-child policy: an increased labor force and GDP, as well as a reduction in the percentage share of elderly people. Official publications, however, have not asserted that the new two-child policy will balance the other great demographic disaster caused by the former one-child policy: the gender disparity between male and female.
The new two-child policy will do little or nothing to improve the intractable gender imbalance caused by the one child policy. First, what about the tens of millions of men who currently cannot find wives? Girls born now will not be marriage age for decades. Second, raising children in China is expensive, and many couples are caring for both sets of elderly parents as well. Those whose first child is a son may choose not to have a second child. Those whose first child is a daughter may choose to have a second child, but many will abort if that second child is also a daughter. Second daughters are extremely vulnerable to gendercide in China. This will not change under the two-child policy.
Shortly before China announced its move to a two-child policy, Chinese economist Professor Xie Zuoshi of Shejiang University, offered a controversial solution to China’s gender imbalance. Xie estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 40 million more males than females. These males, whom he terms “guanggun” or “bare branches,” will never be able to find wives or have children. Xie sees this as an economic problem with an economic solution: Allow men to share wives. Read More


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