Saturday, November 21, 2015

Spirit & Life - Good Morning Vietnam!

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"Jesus Christ brought us freedom from sin; America brought us freedom to sin."
-- Archbishop Emeritus Jean-Baptiste Cardinal Pham Minh Mân of Saigon.

Sadly, His Eminence could not be more right with his pithy statement showing how far our nation has strayed from God and His Law.

And this, from a shepherd in a communist country! Cardinal Pham has been a courageous witness for many years, and he and his staff and priests very kindly welcomed HLI's Dr. Ligaya Acosta and Dr. Brian Clowes during their recent mission trip to Vietnam.

As you'll see in Dr. Clowes's report (link below), after some very difficult years in a nation that continues to struggle for its own freedom and prosperity, the Church seems to be flourishing. Persecution can do that for the Church, which is part of why the bloody persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, and the newer and less violent persecution of Christians even here in the US is never cause for despair.

Although some Christians have certainly suffered persecution here, and there is obviously a growing hostility to Christians, we do not have it that bad in our home nation. Yet. But the same powers who enable the growing persecution continue to export the evils of abortion, contraception, and the entire destructive portfolio of the Culture of Death to nations under the guise of "aid" and "development."

None of this is new in Vietnam, of course, as it has long suffered from the corrupt and murderous ideology of communism. Communism and abortion have long been fellow travelers, as those who think they can control their people's economy and national story will not hesitate to control their fertility, even to the point of killing the inconvenient.

Although this great evil has for the most part fallen, its children have adopted somewhat more sound economic ideas in order to sustain what remains of communism and socialism. When these ideologies encounter the freedom of the outside world, eyes are opened, though often even this freedom is false -- it is often license disguised as true freedom.

Yet even in the midst of such a fallen society rays of hope come from a Church that has not adopted the spirit of the world - a Church in the world, but not of it. Where courageous shepherds, priests and lay people humbly do their best to live in the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, there is hope. Our Lord has defeated evil in the past with such humble collaborators, and He continues to do so.

We thank God for our great mission, and that we get to share it with you all!

Thank you also for your continuing support and prayers!
Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet 
President, Human Life International
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The pro-life movement is sorely needed in Vietnam. The nation's demographic situation can legitimately be called desperate. Its two-child policy has been in force for nearly half a century, and the country has the highest abortion rate on Earth. Despite a population that is less than one-third that of the United States, it suffers nearly twice as many abortions, meaning its abortion rate is six times higher than that of the USA. More than half of all pregnancies are aborted, some 1.4 million a year. Vietnam has suffered 40 million abortions since 1975, or 30 percent of its entire current population. - continue -
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These women do not need suggestions on how to end their baby's life, which will bring them only harm such as depression, addictions, insomnia, and violence, even years afterwards. They need support, words of hope, educational and work programs, economic benefits that allow them to go on with their pregnancy. It is false to claim that a woman who is considering an abortion will go through with it no matter what. In the 17 years Madrinas por la Vida has been working, we can boast that no woman who approached us decided to abort. - continue -
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