Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The New Reich by Judie Brown

We are all too familiar with it.

The slaughter of over 6 million human beings. The destruction of families in every community.

The butchering of human beings for experimentation and profit-making off the sale of their body parts.

The heartless laughter of "professionals" responsible for heinous crimes against humanity and getting filthy rich off their heinous labor.

A relentless propaganda campaign lying about the virtues of death and tyranny against helpless victims.

An equally guilty news media driving to protect death and those responsible at any cost.

A public that is sleepy and numb and indifferent to sin, slaughter and suffering.

Politicians gorged on blood money and willing to protect and promote evil for the good of the dictatorship.

Christian shepherds silent, invisible.

This is not 1939 in Nazi Germany.

This is 2015 in America.

The New Reich is Planned Parenthood.

Will you act? Will you stand with the organization labeled as enemy number one to the New Reich?

Join our fight. Support the American Life League today. For 35 years we have battled the demon. We have closed many more “clinics” then they have opened. We have exposed their murderous ways and their fraud.

Be silent no more. Help us today with the most generous donation you can give and know that we will never stop until the New Reich is defunded of your money, shut down and those responsible are held accountable.

Support us now.

In Christ, the Author of Life,

Judie Brown
President and Co-Founder
American Life League

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