Friday, November 13, 2015

Spirit & Life - Bishop Schneider Speaks at HLI

Despite many challenges, the Church has always held firm on marriage.

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Jesus restored in all its seriousness and beauty the divine truth about marriage and human sexuality. Regarding these divine truths which Christ authoritatively proclaimed, he did not admit any sophisms.
- Bishop Athanasius Schneider at HLI Headquarters, October 16

We were honored to host His Excellency at HLI Headquarters a few weeks back for a discussion of the true nature of marriage. Bishop Schneider has been making his biblical, theological and historical case in several locations around the world, as he shares the concern of many that proposals given serious consideration at the Synod on the Family are, despite assurances to the contrary, opposed to settled and loving doctrine.

I have been encouraged by his stand for truth, and that of several other faithful shepherds during this trying time. Count me as one of those who does not see empirical evidence supporting the belief that the Church will flourish the more she compromises with our sick culture.

Our hope has always been in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who Himself returned marriage to its original meaning and stature, even elevating this fundamental natural institution to the level of a sacrament! The settled doctrine that thoroughly and unequivocally supports Our Lord's clear teaching cannot be set aside for "pastoral accommodations" that contradict it.

Our Lord is so good! So many of us have fallen into sin, and it is tempting in our relativistic age to seek a faith that conforms to our worldview, that confirms our lifestyles. But we cannot tire of saying that this is a false view of faith, as it is not based in love and truth! We conform ourselves to God's law, it cannot be conformed to our wills. Unity in the Truth of God's law, embodied in Our Lord, is the only way to truly unite the faithful.

So we thank God for our faithful priests and bishops, and for the goodness, beauty, and truth of His law.

Enjoy our article on Bishop Schneider's talk, as well as some welcome news from Spain, where our affiliate was granted an award for their faithful work defending life and family.

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Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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Also the Pharisees and scribes had known the divine truths about the beginning of marriage, they nevertheless endured to receive from Jesus, as from a well-known and recognized teacher, the legitimization of the practice of divorce, a practice which was already widely adopted in those times, perhaps for 'pastoral reasons.' They asked Jesus about basic legitimacy of divorce. Jesus proclaimed to them, and through His Gospel He still proclaims to the man of all times the ever-valid and unchangeable divine truths about marriage: 'In the beginning it was not so. And I say to you, whoever shall put away his wife and shall marry another commits adultery.' - continue -
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On November 2, MisiĆ³n held its fourth Family Award ceremony, honoring those persons and institutions "that see the family as the pillar of support for the values that will transform Spain." The "Person Award" (one of five categories) was granted to Maria Mansilla, founder and director of Association Spei Mater, Human Life International's affiliate in Spain. Mrs. Mansilla used the occasion of the award ceremony, which was held at the Catholic University Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, to thank her collaborators and her family. - continue -
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