Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mother shares photos of baby with acrania, who died at birth


Mother shares photos of baby with acrania, who died at birth

Clark Job Edman was born on September 15, 2015. While still growing in the womb, he had been diagnosed with acrania, a fetal anomaly in which either part or all of the skull does not develop. 

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My 'crisis pregnancy' is 15 today, and he saved me

"My 'crisis pregnancy' turned 15 today. He’s just a year shy of the age I was when I got pregnant with him (a thought that terrifies me, trust me). However, he’s anything but a mistake."

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23 Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, survey finds

Twenty-three Planned Parenthood centers closed in 2015, according to numbers provided by STOPP International, a project of American Life League.

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Pregnant with triplets, surrogate mother refuses abortion against parents’ demand

Brittneyrose Torres told the New York Post she is refusing the biological parents’ demand that she abort one of the three babies – the female child.

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Meet four abortion survivors whose names you may not know

Every person born alive after 1973 in the U.S. is part of a generation that has survived legalized abortion. Our parents had the option to abort us and instead they chose life.

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Woman who left abortion clinic: 'I saw little arms, little legs, and a head'

“I accidentally saw my ultrasound when I went up to pay the Planned Parenthood cashier. I saw little arms, little legs, and a head.”

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Pathologist assistant provides photographs of aborted babies

A woman whose job includes examining aborted babies has taken pictures of some of the babies killed in the hospital where she works.

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10 reasons Planned Parenthood should be permanently defunded

Here are 10 reasons why a civilized nation that cares about the rights of women and children ought to support the permanent defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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California pedophile used Planned Parenthood to cover rape

Tragically, another case of a sexual abuse victim taken for an abortion at Planned Parenthood has been brought to light.

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Leader of abortion group admits '2016 could really be the year we say goodbye to Roe v. Wade'

The president of NARAL Pro-Choice America meant to send a donation plea to supporters, but instead, she sent a revelation of just how afraid abortion advocates are as they realize they are losing the battle.

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