Saturday, December 5, 2015

Spirit & Life - The Source of Violence

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Dear Friends,   

Thank you all for your prayers for our mission trip to Taiwan for HLI's 20th Asia Pacific Conference for Life, Faith and Family! Dr. Ligaya Acosta and her team ran a wonderful event, inspiring and forming many leaders from around Asia. Dr. Joseph Meaney, Dr. Brian Clowes, myself, and several other speakers were welcomed kindly and were grateful to share our thoughts and experiences with the large crowd. See our Instagram feed for some pictures and an article from Vatican Radio here for more on how we were able to share the Gospel of Life with a large, new audience.

We returned here in the first week of Advent, and I must say things seem strange. Of course the culture that thinks the Christmas season begins at Thanksgiving - now, perhaps, Halloween? - and ends Christmas night is finding what it expects in the stores. But still, something seems different.

The terrible events of San Bernardino a couple days ago, of Colorado City the week before and of Paris - and countless less headline-ready attacks - are bad enough, and we must pray for the souls of the departed, for those who mourn them, and for those who are trying to pick up the pieces. We must condemn every unjust attack on the innocent, no matter the perpetrator or the victims.

But the readiness to exploit tragedies for political agendas is a further assault of a kind - it almost prevents any kind of shared mourning, understanding, and discussions of peace. We have removed God from the equation, so we must have a new law that will protect us from ourselves. Until the next time.

My brothers and sisters, we have to understand the source of this cycle of violence, as I say in my article today. Advent comes at the perfect time to slow down, to focus on Christ, to prepare our hearts to receive Him. We must step away from the twisting torrents of rhetoric to pray, to prepare, and to understand.

As always, I am so grateful to be in this battle for truth, in service of the One who is Himself Truth.

God bless you!
Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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San Bernardino. Colorado City. Paris. Not a day seems to pass that we are not confronted with numerous images and stories of violent crimes around the world. They are usually accompanied by pundits offering up a plethora of reasons to explain these occurrences. Their explanations could be valid or could be a smoke screen that hides the true nature of the problems. I suggest we consider more fundamental reasons - the rejection of God and objective truth about the dignity of the human person. - continue -
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MR-Nov2011-Ligaya in Poland
Vatican Radio: The 20th Asia Pacific Congress on Faith, Life and Family organized by Human Life international (HLI) in Taiwan, from Nov. 27 to 29 focused on threats, perspectives, and realities affecting the modern family. With the theme coming from Psalms 128:8, "Your wife a fruitful vine in the inner places of your house, your children round your table like shoots of an olive tree", speakers and resource persons shared reflections on the understanding of God's plan for marriage and family; threats and challenges to family; the modern crisis of conscience; unmasking the gender ideology; the global holocaust of abortion.  - continue -
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