Friday, December 4, 2015

Praying for Life: For Those Who Are Unexpectedly Pregnant


Praying for Life Year-Round
December 2015

For those who are unexpectedly pregnant and anxious or afraid: May the Lord provide for their every need and grant them peace, the joy of new life, and assurance of his loving care. 

Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be 
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In his USCCB presidential address last month, Archbishop Kurtz noted "the need for us to accompany in gentle mercy those who are struggling." As we ask God to care for those in need, we also ask that others may encounter the outstretched hands of his mercy through our words and actions.

    One mom who became pregnant unexpectedly encourages readers to provide loving support to women in similar situations and gives 10 practical suggestions for doing so in "10 Ways to Support Her When She's Unexpectedly Expecting."*

As we prepare ourselves this Advent to welcome the Christ Child with renewed love, let us be mindful of Jesus' words in Matthew 25:40: "Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

*(Available to order in either English or Spanish.)
Acts of Reparation (choose one)
  • Pray this short prayer each day for a time period of your choosing (for example, for one week, or for all of Advent, or for the entire month of December)(Prayer cards are also available to order in either English or Spanish in packages of 100).
  • Ask your local pro-life, pregnancy care center what they particularly need this holiday season, and try to help meet that need.
  • Focus for a day on being fully present to those around you, especially those who are going through difficult times. Listen, and be attentive to their needs.
One Step Further 

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In "A Perfect Gift,"* one parent shares her experience of raising her son who has Down syndrome. Her brief, but poignant, account is an inspiring witness of the love we are each invited to both give and receive.

"It's like looking at a stained-glass window from the outside: The colors look dark, and you can't quite make out the figures. From the inside, however, with the sun shining through it, the effect can be brilliant. From inside our family, love illuminates our life with Charlie. What may seem dreary to others, perhaps even unbearable, is actually filled with beauty and color."

*(Available to order in either English or Spanish.)

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