Sunday, March 25, 2018

40 Days For Life: DAY 40: Just being there

Dear Deacon John,
We've heard the story so many times.
"If only someone had been there," a mother will say, "I may have never gone in for my abortion."
If only ...
What if ...
It might have been different.
For 40 days, you've been there. For 40 days, you've made a difference.
We have many reports that just the sight of people peacefully, quietly praying outside the abortion center was all it took to make women stop, turn around and leave without having an abortion.
40 Days for Life may be ending ... but the need continues. Why not make plans to pray at your local abortion center regularly? Many do so once a month, or once a week.
There are still women pondering abortion. All they need is someone to be there. Someone ... like you!

Lawndale, California

It was raining when 40 Days for Life volunteers noticed a woman walking slowly towards the entrance of the building.
They asked if she had an appointment for an abortion. She said "yes" ... and burst into tears.
She was pregnant with her fifth child and felt overwhelmed. She said she didn't believe in abortion and didn't want to do it ... yet there she was. Her husband said it was solely her decision – and her burden.
The volunteer said she also had five children ... and number 5 was there with her! She showered the woman with words of encouragement ... gave her helpful information ... and told her it was okay to get back in her car and go home.
"The woman was relieved and smiled as she reached her car," said Laura in Lawndale. "She just needed someone to tell her that it was okay to keep the child ... and that she could do it!"

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"The weather was cold enough to chill the bones," said Dan in Milwaukee, "but those that went out earlier must have warmed up the sidewalks with their prayer!"
He spoke to a young woman who was on her way out of the abortion center. "I inquired about her baby and she said her baby was doing well and she was leaning toward parenting her child," he said.
When asked if this was her first child, she shook her head "no." Dan responded, "Then you already know how special this child is in God's eyes, unique and never to be repeated again."
As soon as Dan mentioned God, she began to cry. "I've seen these tears before," he said. "These were tears of the peace one experiences when submitting to God's will."
She then said, "You're right. I choose life. I can't do that to my baby."
"I gave her some pro-life literature and my card and told her to call me if she ever needed any help whatsoever," Dan said. "She shook my hand and said thank you."
All she needed was for someone to be there.
He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!"
— Revelation 21:4-5
Father, you are the God of hope. Your word fills us with the vision of the world to come, when every tear will be wiped away, and death will be no more. Father, how we need that hope, how we are strengthened by that vision! Keep our hearts focused on heaven, and diligent in the labors of earth. As we struggle against the culture of death, root our souls in the assurance of victory.
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For life,
Shawn Carney
President/CEO, 40 Days for Life
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