Thursday, March 22, 2018

From CMMB: How Long Do You Think It Takes Akianne To Collect Water?

Dear Friends,
As I look back on my time in the field, I am always struck by the challenges of accessing safe water. It is a force for life, and yet, every day millions of women and children living in poverty struggle to find it. Today, on World Water Day, many stories come to my mind, but one resonates deeply: the story of Akianne.
Akianne lives in a poor, remote community in Haiti. She is an elderly widow living alone. Every morning she wakes up at 3am, and from the darkness and solitude of her very humble home, she begins her long journey to water.
After walking up hills and across rocky terrain for two hours, Akianne will reach the water point that is closest to her home. Some days, when she’s lucky, she will only wait in line for 30 minutes. However, on many days it will be two hours before she takes her turn at the well. She explains:
"Sometimes the water runs out before it's my turn. When this happens, I have to walk another hour to reach the next water point."The return home is even more difficult. Full water containers are heavy for her frail bones to carry."When I feel sick, I still have to do this, because without water, I can't live. My biggest fear is that someday I will not have the strength anymore. When that day comes, I don't know what I will do."On World Water Dayyour gift of $200 can support FOUR families in places like Haiti with water filtration systems for their homes, including storage buckets, filters, and training. Your donation of $75, $100, $200, or any amount, can support clean water for women and children living in poverty. 
When you turn on the faucet at your kitchen sink today, please think of Akianne. Then, change a life. Give the gift of clean water now.
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