Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bring Home Poppy

Bring Poppy Home!
$1 each would bring this special little girl home.
Our friends need a little bit of help from a lot of people.  They are trying to bring home a little girl with special needs from China.  They have come so far but now need to match a $3000 matching grant to total $6000 they need to complete their journey.  If each of our customers gave just $1 - they would have all they need and the extra would help cover traveling expenses. Please donate. $1 is not much but it matters so much to this family and to Poppy.  We thank you, our awesome customers, in advance.  If you want more details on this family and their adoption journey, see below.
Donate $1 to bring Poppy home
Poppy Needs a Great Home!
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In 2013, after losing twins, our hearts were again broken when we learned about the huge number of abortions, chosen and forced, in China due to the One Child Policy. Our prayer became “Lord, please let us adopt a child that could be aborted if not adopted.” After finding Poppy, who has Down Syndrome, we knew that she was a direct answer to those prayers. There is much pressure to abort babies with DS in many countries. Our pray continues to be that people value life. Please join us in prayer for that the precious lives of all babies, especially differently abled babies, will be allowed to live!

Part of that journey is the financial side, nobody’s favorite part. But we are super grateful and excited to share that  we have been awarded a $3000 matching grant from Just Love Them Adoption Fund, administered by Lifesong for Orphans.” Should you decide to partner with us to bring Poppy home, your dollars will be doubled! How cool is that? 
Donate $1 (or even $2) to bring Poppy home
A note from Heritage House:  As owners of Heritage House, we (Brandon & Dawn Monahan) have always been strong supporters of adoption and have three adopted children of our own. We encourage Christians in our community to adopt through training, fundraising, and education. It is awesome to see when families take that leap of faith to adopt.  It isn't easy and it is scary.  The Tamadongs have chosen to do something the world would see as nonsense but we know it is God's desire that even the least of these are loved and cherished. I know everyone needs your funds because this world has a lot of pain and suffering. But, I am personally asking that you would give the Tamadongs just a dollar or two to encourage them.  Our customers are awesome, they are trying to make ministries run on small budgets, but if you have just a few dollars today it will honestly mean a ton to us and our friend.  And please pray for them - now and in the future, as the journey will be tough but what they are doing is so right.


Brandon & Dawn Monahan
Donate $1 (or even $2) to bring Poppy home

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