Monday, March 19, 2018

Spirit & Life: Will Ireland Rise Up and Do Battle for the Unborn?

As people across the world celebrated the Feast of St. Patrick, Human Life International asks the inevitable: will Ireland continue to be the rare example of a modern nation which still recognizes the human rights of all of its citizens? Or will it cave to foreign pressure and strip its most vulnerable of their most fundamental right – the right to life – based upon antiquated science, disingenuous propaganda, and brazen prejudice? These are the dire stakes of a pending referendum in the land of St. Patrick.

In recent weeks the Irish government and the country’s supreme court have both given the green light to a referendum on whether to repeal the so-called Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. Approved in 1983, the Eighth Amendment clearly states that the right to life of an unborn human being and that of his mother are considered “equal” and that the country’s laws will seek “to defend and vindicate that right.”

This amendment has served as a bulwark against abortion, protecting the emerald isle against the madness of Moloch – the biblical name of the Canaanite god associated with child sacrifices – that has swept other Western countries. While individual Irish women determined to abort their babies have still travelled abroad to do so, Ireland as a country drew a line in the sand: it would not permit the deliberate killing of innocent human beings within its shores.

Predictably, the country’s determination to defend the Irish right to life against the darkest instincts of the sexual revolution has made Ireland a primary target of wealthy and powerful foreign pro-abortion organizations and foundations. The assault on Ireland has been relentless, especially in the past six years. In a case of tragic irony, in 2016 and then again last year a United Nation’s human rights committee chastised Ireland for refusing abortions to two different Irish women – both of whom successfully travelled to Britain to have their babies killed – and ordered the country to loosen its laws. Meanwhile wealthy foreign powers like the Ford Foundation, George Soros, Atlantic Philanthropies, and Planned Parenthood, are injecting millions of dollars into the Catholic country. . . .

Sincerely yours in Christ, 
Father Shenan J. Boquet 
President, Human Life International

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