Friday, April 25, 2008

Kevin D. Dello Iacono replied to a thread on Facebook...

A friend on Facebook, Kevin, received a letter from a misinformed PC student who favors Planned Parenthood. Here is his response:

1. STOPP International (Christian organization, affiliated with the American Life League, with a goal of closing down Planned Parenthood through non-violent means)

2. Meet Margaret Sanger

3. Planned Parenthood protects child molesters, sexual predators

4. Catholic Leaders Speak About Planned Parenthood

5. Klan Parenthood

6. Employees accuse Planned Parenthood of racism, file claims with employment commission

7. Planned Parenthood's Racism

8. The history of Planned Parenthood

9. How does Planned Parenthood explain this?
Rate of sexually-transmitted diseases soars among young Californians

10. Exposing Planned Parenthood (Illinois Right to Life Committee)

11. Planned Parenthood Reports Record Abortions, High Profits

12. How to End Planned Parenthood's Anti-Catholic and Anti-Woman Agenda

13. The Repackaging of Margaret Sanger

14. Planned Parenthood's Assault On Teens (March 31, 2008)

15. Fighting Planned Parenthood (There are a large number of resources available for anyone who wants to learn about the organization and educate others)

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