Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The body of St. Padre Pio exhumed last week

September 25, 2006

"…Imitate the lives of saints and may they be an example for you…"

October 25, 1994

"…I invite you to open yourselves and to live, taking the saints as an example. Mother Church has chosen them, that they may be an impulse for your daily life…"

October 25, 2004

"…Imitate the lives of saints so that they may be an incentive and teachers on the way of holiness…"

Body of St. Padre Pio

The body of Padre Pio exhumed last week. Archbishop Domenico D'Ambrosio, who led the service to exhume the body of St. Padre Pio, said, "We could clearly make out the beard. The top part of the skull is partly skeletal but the chin is perfect and the rest of the body is well preserved. The knees, hands and nails were all clearly visible." Part of St. Padre Pio's face has been treated by a mortician

This picture witnesses a real live miracle ongoing, that the body of a saint after 40 years of death looks not even dead but only asleep. Many who have gone to Medjugorje have had devotion to Padre Pio. Marija once said, "Once you have converted but do not regularly read about the saints, you will have a hard time keeping converted." Why would this be? Because the trials and difficulties that come with conversion must be navigated through. The saints have cut the trail and their lives are the map. Thank Our Lady so that She will thank God for the miracles occurring in our midst, directly before our eyes. Stare at the picture. Mediate upon the miracle, an active super-natural grace where after 40 years, St. Padre Pio's body has been well preserved. Archbishop D'Ambrosio said upon exhuming the body, "If Padre Pio allows me, I might say he looks as though he just had a manicure." What a grace for those who went face to face with this saint in Confession and now over 40 years in the grave, look again face to face.

March 25, 1992

"…pray, live my messages and then you will see the miracles of God's love in your every day life…"

In the life of Our Lady
-A Friend of Medjugorje