Monday, August 18, 2008


Barack Obama Says Pro-Life Group Lying About His Pro-Infanticide Votes

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 17
, 2008


Washington, DC ( -- Barack Obama has some harsh words for a leading pro-life group that has exposed his misrepresentations about his votes against two bills that would have stopped infanticides. Obama goes as far as saying the National Right to Life Committee is lying about his record.

At issue are votes Obama cast during his tenure in the Illinois legislature.

He voted repeatedly against a bill that would have made sure babies who survive botched abortions get adequate medical care. He did so, he maintains, because it contained a provision that could have gone against Roe v. Wade.

As NRLC noted from official legislative documents, Obama supported an amendment that would have mitigated his concerns about Roe -- yet he voted against the bill anyway.

As a result, NRLC says Obama has misrepresented his position and deceived the public.

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