Friday, December 12, 2008

FROM California Catholic Daily: News from the Trenches

You guys are going to hell because you are judging us!

Fatima and the abortion customers

About two years ago Sue Lopez , who went to her reward in heaven a week ago, began organizing first Saturday processions from Our Lady of the Rosary Church to the Planned Parenthood abortuary. To honor her memory, 75 people participated in the procession this past Saturday, December 6. After attending Mass, we processed to the abortuary praying and singing hymns, led by a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Flowers from Sue Lopez's funeral accompanied the statue. The 75 prayer warriors lined up on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, and I began to approach women entering the building to give them information on alternatives to abortion.

After a few minutes a man yelled down at us from an apartment next to the abortuary. "If you guys don't stop the praying I'm calling the police!" This didn't worry us since we always contact the police before our processions.

A young man whose arms were covered in tattoos approached the entrance with his girlfriend. As I tried to give him information he yelled out "You guys are going to hell because you are judging us!"

Most of the women that we approached were receptive and took our information. During the hour we prayed in front of Planned Parenthood we approached 15 women; eight took our literature, and two accepted rosaries.

An African-American couple stopped their car in the middle of the street. The man driving the car asked what we were doing. Planned Parenthood's female armed guard went up to their car perhaps thinking that they were customers. When she explained to them that we there praying to end abortion, the driver and the woman passenger got out of the car. The man pointed at his wife who appeared to be in her final month of pregnancy. They were both smiling. He shouted, "We believe in what you are doing! We also have a two-year-old at home! God bless you guys! God is good!" This spontaneous celebration of life made everyone smile including the guard, as a number of rosaries were lifted high in a salute.

As we began to process back to the church, one of the prayer warriors pointed out that a woman had just exited the abortuary. She was walking at a fast pace, so it was obvious she did not have an abortion that day. I walked with her so that we could talk. She took the pro-life literature I gave her. When I asked her if she knew of anyone who had an abortion, a profound look of sadness appeared on her face. Her reaction implied that she had an abortion in her past, so I gave her a brochure on post-abortion healing seminars. She smiled and thanked me.