Friday, December 5, 2008


By Judie Brown

In my almost 65 years of life outside the womb, I have witnessed all sorts of trends. The Beatles, color television and fast cars are among my fondest memories of the good old days when I was young and, in retrospect, very silly. Today, the trends are quite different, including the latest phrase from the automobile industry: go green!

We all know what that means. It is a nice term for being environmentally friendly, eco-balance concerned, or remedial recycling …just some of the terms I think of when someone suggests that the nation needs to go green. Well, most of the nation views it that way, but not Planned Parenthood.

Now I don't want to single them out for this piece, for they are the leaders in a large cadre of misguided organizations, but Planned Parenthood is always a good place to start. And their latest actions in Oregon are enough to make one physically ill.

In a recent press release, "Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette Breaks Ground on New Regional Service Center," we read the following: "We're making every effort to use local materials, reduce waste, and recycle everything possible during construction…"

Upon first glance, if this were an ordinary business erecting a new structure, we might not give that comment a second thought. But let's face it. We are quoting the media announcement of an organization that makes its money by reducing humanity to the commonly held definition of waste and assuring mothers of every age that their preborn children are not really human beings.

Give us break, Planned Parenthood. Tell the whole truth and explain why it is that your gleeful celebration of a "green" construction site is nothing more than an extension of your philosophy with regard to human dignity. For as Precious Children of Portland
makes perfectly clear,

Planned Parenthood killed 289,750 precious and innocent little babies resting peacefully in the wombs of their mothers. Planned Parenthood had an income of over a billion dollars and a profit of $114 million. Even though Planned Parenthood has profits of millions they continually try and get special favors from us by way of our taxes and last year they received $336 million of our hard earned money to murder prenatal infants. Planned Parenthood kills more prenatal infants than any other corporation in our country.

And though I hate to draw associations between concepts, ideas and practices, it occurs to me that Planned Parenthood's years of influence over our children and grandchildren could be one of the reasons why the under-30 crowd in at least one city is focused on "Safe Sex on the Beach and My Choice Tai."

What's this? Well I am awfully glad you asked.

Young Professionals Council for Choice is an organization of young people who swap cell phone numbers while drinking "Safe Sex on the Beach," "My Choice Tai" and other cocktails and alcohol free beverages.

The article in the New York Post, "Sweet (Sexy) Charity," which is how I came to learn about YPCC, starts out as follows

WHAT'S that, you say? Your dating life's a desert and you've decided to focus instead on other things, like helping out people less fortunate than you? Nice excuse, but it doesn't have to be one or the other. Volunteering has its own rewards, but there's no harm in simultaneously spicing up your social calendar. Luckily, you live in a city that boasts plenty of charity groups to choose from, offering the under-30 crowd a vast array of functions where good deeds meet good fun.

The article goes on to list several organizations which have a cause and activities that make support for the cause helpful to the dating life of its young participants, or at least that's the idea. And as YPCC explains on the home page, you can get involved in "protecting choice, one party at a time."

The organization was founded by – drum roll please – NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health, New York state's largest advocacy organization devoted to protecting women's health rights. Both organizations have a vested interest in gaining more clients for the flourishing birth control and abortion industry. And both are quite savvy about appealing to young people who have lost their way for lack of education in the basic life principles that separate the green people from the black people.

In case I have lost you, let me provide a frame of reference for you, based on my understanding of colors and how they define the situation according to Catholic tradition.

Green symbolizes in the liturgical colors of the Church, the Holy Ghost, the third person of the Blessed Trinity, eternal life and hope. Black symbolizes mourning and sorrow. I hope you are now getting the picture and understand why I chose the title of this piece—a clear distinction is being drawn and frankly it's the black aspect of all this that troubles me the most.

The fact that our nation is confronted with a culture that is so clearly defined by the activities in which people participate. The way those activities can be twisted to suit the agendas of the proponents of death and human spiritual destruction should give us all pause for concern.

There is nothing hopeful in the construction of a new Planned Parenthood facility, wherein we know killing will occur and women's bodies will be polluted with chemicals while their minds are saturated with gobbledygook.

There is nothing hopeful in parties that are hosted allegedly to bring young people together, but are actually for the purposes of filling the coffers of organizations that make their money propagandizing generations of youth with filth. This propaganda is left unchallenged because teachers and parents have chosen not to teach the principles that make a person happy, healthy, and sound of mind and soul.

The cruel hoax that is being perpetrated in all this, of course, is as I see it, hatred (black) for God and for all that is good, joyful and filled with hope of eternal happiness (green). It's time for America to wake up because her youngest generations are headed for the destruction which the people of my generation spent a lifetime constructing.

Choose green; struggle against the black.

Judie Brown is president of American Life League and a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

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