Tuesday, December 23, 2008


By Valerie Schmalz

Pro-life movement focuses on changing culture

Grassroots efforts mushrooming and claiming success in reducing number of abortions

A former adman is spearheading a television campaign to air pro-life ads on MTV and Black Entertainment Television in the weeks after Christmas and into January in a national campaign to reduce abortion.

The Virtue Media advertising campaign is based on successful efforts in parts of Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio that saw abortion rates drop as much as 20 percent in what the organization said appears to correlate directly to when and where the ads aired.

"With the average American watching five hours a day, television is still king," said Virtue Media president Tom Peterson, who founded the organization in 1998 after a 25-year advertising career. The MTV and BET ads list a toll-free line and website, pregnancyline.com, which has a ZIP code locater for nearby pregnancy centers. VirtueMedia.org notes that "educational advertising was the key to reducing prejudice, littering, drunk driving and smoking ... and educational advertising can help lead the way back to a culture of life in America."

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