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Bishops' statement on the “National Day of the Unborn”:

AMERICA/COSTA RICA -  "Couples who realize that their children are the most important and are responsible in educating their children, fulfill their vocation and make an invaluable contribution to society."
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San Jose (Agenzia Fides) – The Bishops of Costa Rica have issued a statement for the celebration of the "National Day of the Unborn" in which they recall that "the radical values of the Kingdom leave no room for ambiguity. The life of every human being should be respected in an absolute manner, from his conception, because man is the only creature on the earth that God has "loved for itself," and the spiritual soul of every man is "immediately created" by God. His entire being carries the image of the Creator." The Bishops reiterate that "only God is Lord of life from its beginning until its end," and therefore, "nobody, in any circumstance, can claim the right to directly kill an innocent human being."

They later express their hope in seeing that "many men and women have prepared and are preparing adequately for marriage," given that "natural marriage is the environment that God has desired from the beginning, for the generation of new lives." In this manner, a better future can be guaranteed for society, because "in preparing themselves for the indissoluble union, the fundamental social structure of society and the integral development of citizens will remain firm."

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In addition, they commend the "women and men who are generous and give their lives for their children." "Those couples that realize that their children are more important than luxuries and comforts, and who are also responsible in educating and caring for their children, fulfill the vocation to which they have been called and make an invaluable contribution to society," the text says.

In regards to the problems that, at times, parents can encounter with an unexpected pregnancy (e.g. poverty, unemployment, reduced educational opportunities, solitude and emotional emptiness, lack of family or social support...), the Bishops affirm that "the origin of the crisis is not the pregnancy in itself, but rather the adverse circumstances." Thus, the State, civil society, and the Church herself "should make an effort to offer the necessary aid, so that a pregnancy may always be a cause for joy and hope, doing away with any intent to eliminate that innocent life."

They conclude their statement by expressing their commitment to all fathers and mothers, asking that they make every effort to life the Gospel of Life: "The Church in our country, through her parishes and pastoral activity, reaches her hand out to you to support you in your pregnancy, in the education of your children and teenagers, preparing them for marriage, and accompanying them so that their conjugal union may be molded to the image and likeness of the One and Triune God." 

(RG) (Agenzia Fides 28/7/2009)

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