Friday, July 24, 2009

Eight prayer warriors and three sidewalk counselors endured the summer heat to save the lives of unborn today.

Summer Heat at Family Planning Associates

From the Trenches

Saturday, July 18 -

A car with plates from Sonora Mexico stopped to speak with Luis, one of the counselors. There was a middle aged couple in the front seat and a young woman in the back seat. They listened while Luis informed them about the incompetent doctor that performs abortions at the clinic. They appeared very concerned. They thanked the counselor for the information, saying they would call the Culture of Life Family Services Clinic phone number given to them by the counselor. They drove out of the parking lot. Unfortunately they were back within an hour and dropped off the young woman who was in the back seat.

Around 9:30, David was counseling near the pyramid building on the parking lot closer to the mill. At first no one would stop to talk. After 20 minuets or so, a mother and her daughter pulled into a parking spot near him. He waited for them to get out of their car, and as they were walking towards the mill he was able to speak with them for a minute or so. As usual, David gave them our pamphlet and spoke about the doctor's malpractice suits etc. He also gave the daughter a COLFS card. The mother didn't speak much, but her daughter seemed interested and was reading the pamphlet as they proceeded to the mill.

A short while later, a man and woman were driving on their way out and the man asked David for one of his pamphlets. He gave him one and spoke with the man for a while. He seemed very interested. David noticed that the woman in the passenger seat didn't look like she had just had an abortion. Apparently they had been arguing outside of the mill. He gave them Dr. Delgado's card and encouraged them to call and make an appointment. They then left.

As he was talking with this couple, the mother and daughter he previously spoke with came out of the mill and waved to David saying "Thank you!" They then got in their car and drove away!

Around this time, a man parked his truck close to Luis and walked up to him. He asked Luis why all these people were praying. Luis explained that they were praying because there is an abortion mill in the building, and the group prays so that the counselors can dissuade the women from having an abortion. The man told Luis that he thought they were praying because there had been a Marian apparition there, at least that was the rumor he heard (we usually have a large picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe facing the mill). The man shook Luis’s hand and congratulated him for what the group was doing.

Terry, another counselor, stopped a late model Lexus in the driveway. She told him about the doctor’s atrocious record of gross negligence and indicated the frightening details of the negligence cases in a brochure she handed them. The male driver thanked Terry and drove toward the clinic. About an hour later as the prayer warriors and counselors were packing up to leave, the couple in the Lexus drove up to them. The driver thanked them for the brochure saying that it was very useful, they had decided not to see the doctor, and that they would call the Culture of Life Clinic. We congratulated them on their decision.

David, Terry, and Luis

Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego