Tuesday, July 21, 2009

News from the Trenches: One, possibly two, turn-arounds at San Diego abortion center

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"The young woman in the car looked extremely sad"

Family Planning Associates, San Diego, July 15, 2009 

It was unusually busy at FPA this morning -- cars entering the large parking lot from every direction (there are five or six entrances). There were three of us at FPA this morning, and thanks be to Almighty God, Our Lady of Guadalupe and your prayers and sacrifices, we were blessed with one, possibly two, turn-arounds this morning!

Many of the women I observed did not have on the usual attire for an abortion, which prompted me, when given the opportunity, to ask them if they did, in fact, have one. One couple readily told me they came for the "preparation," which gave me the opportunity to tell them about the abortionist's history of medical malpractice, gross negligence, etc., as well as the emotional and physical dangers of every abortion. I encouraged them to contact or go to Culture of Life Family Services to talk to a competent doctor without stress or pressure. Thanking me, they took a rosary and a COLFS' business card. The young woman in the car looked extremely sad, while the young man appeared receptive to both the information on the abortionist as well as COLFS.

Along with one very dedicated public prayer warrior who comes to FPA to pray every Wednesday morning, as well as a young man who comes to pray for a short while every Wednesday and Saturday morning before going to work, and myself, there were two seriously ill women who said they would offer their sufferings and pains specifically for the lives of the pre-born this morning at FPA. Please keep them in your prayers as well. We are so very grateful to everyone, unable to be physically present, who offer your prayers for the pre-born.

The couple that decided not to go into the mill at all did so as a result of discussion of the abortionist's license suspensions, malpractice allegations, personal testimonies, etc. They never left their car after reading the flier about the clinic. With a COLFS' business card in hand, they drove out and did not return.

Please continue to pray for these two women who left the mill that they choose life for their pre-born babies, for the conversion of those who had an abortion, as well as for the conversion of the abortionist, Robert Santella.

If you plan on joining us Saturday morning for prayer support (and we can use as much public prayer supporters as we can get), please come prepared. We know it is a sacrifice as it gets very hot in the summer standing along side Miramar Road at the foot of the Cross.

-- Terry

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