Monday, July 20, 2009

Planned Parenthood Wants Your Money

July 20, 2009

Dear John,

Right now, Planned Parenthood, the leader of the abortion industry, is facing multiple investigations in several states for allowing sexual abuse of children to go unreported, as well as encouraging young girls to lie about their age in order to obtain an abortion.

Yet the pro-abortion leaders in Congress gave Planned Parenthood $350 million of your tax dollars last year.

And now they want even more money from you!

Click here to tell your Representative to De-Fund Planned Parenthood now!

Pro-Life Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) has drafted an amendment that would prevent  federal funds, your tax dollars, from going to Planned Parenthood.

If we do not act today, Congress will continue to pump millions of your tax dollars into the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood, in turn, will continue to protect child abusers and rapists by allowing sexual abuse of minors to go unreported, and will cover up abuse with abortion.

Sexual abuse of children is bad enough, but recent investigations have revealed explosive new reports that show Planned Parenthood coaches young girls to lie about their age and age of their child's father in order to bypass parental consent and notification laws. Planned Parenthood has been radically outspoken against ANY "common ground" restrictions to abortions, including waiting periods and informed consent—even simple sonogram laws have been reviled and opposed by Planned Parenthood.

Click here to contact your Representative today. Tell them to support the Pence Amendment and keep your tax dollars out of Planned Parenthood's pockets.

Please make sure you forward this e-mail to all your friends and family. We need to make sure every voice is heard in this great fight for Life.

Thank you for all you do in the fight to protect the unborn boys and girls.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Susan B. Anthony List President