Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Huge ¨Yes¨ to life: Click on link to view Video


More than 2 million people came together in Madrid this past Saturday, October 17th, for a major demonstration that was held in favor of life, women, and maternity -- the likes of which have never been seen before in Spain.

¨We are here to celebrate the culture of life. Today, here in Madrid in 2009, on this day for life, we are going to overcome abortion -- because abortion is already overcome. This law is clearly finished. We have only come here to celebrate the victory -- because this society is against abortion. This society votes pro-life.¨

With the theme, ¨Every life matters¨, the 40 civil associations that together organized the demonstration, expressed their disagreement with the approval of the bill of the new Spanish ¨abortion law¨ that, if passed, would be one of the most aggressive pro-abortion laws in Europe.

¨We are here to shout out a huge 'yes' to life. To shout out a huge 'yes' to maternity, to women, because we want to tell the government and the Spanish society that we do not want abortion.¨

The testimonies and interviews in favor life were held on the stage prepared in Madrid's ¨Puerta de Alcalá¨, among them the much-anticipated speech given by Eduardo Verástegui, the famous leading actor from the movie ¨Bella¨. 

¨We have to speak louder than ever so that the whole world can hear what is happening today in Madrid: that we parents want to defend our future children and that we do not want to add to the bewilderment of an unexpected pregnancy the trauma of an abortion.¨

The highlight of the afternoon was the reading of the Manifesto in defense of life, women, and maternity.

¨On the issue of abortion: protecting the unborn just like any other human being and always protecting women so that they never feel that they have no other option besides abortion.¨ 

The ceremony came to a close with a speech from Benigno Blanco, the president of the Spanish Family Forum, who had a message of encouragement and hope.

¨All of us here present express our public commitment to defend life -- that of the child which is going to be born and that of the woman with our support. We are going to live out this commitment in every corner of Spain.¨

"Every life matters" -- the life of the unborn baby, the life of the pregnant mother, the life of the father of that unborn child as well. "Every life matters¨ -- this was the message on that jubilant day in Madrid.

¨Thank you so very much to everyone -- and one huge ´Yes´ to life.¨