Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Rachel Campos-Duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy is an author, blogger and television personality. Click here to see her website. The other day she was on  The View - you know the morning show with  Whoppi Goldberg,  Joy Behar,  Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters. She was a guest host  for the day replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During a discussion about President Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize she said:

"When I think of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, I think of the quintessential winner, I think of Mother Theresa. And Mother Theresa said we wouldn't have peace until we ended abortion. I think personally for me, that its  Obama's radical abortion position that makes him the least qualified..."

Great witness to the world, Rachal Campos-Duffy. We need more woman like you who are not afraid to speak the truth.