Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terri's News Alert: Assisted Suicide Advocates Seek to Euthanize the Rule of Law

October 20, 2009 (Church Report)


When is suicide, not really suicide? When assisted suicide advocates decide that promoting their agenda requires the deconstruction of accurate and descriptive language.

Not yet availableIt is one thing when ideological activists try to redefine terms to win a political debate. It is quite another when a judge does it by judicial fiat. But that is precisely what may happen in Connecticut.

After advocates failed to legalize assisted suicide in the last legislative session, two Connecticut physicians - aided by the assisted suicide advocacy group Compassion and Choices (formerly Hemlock Society) - filed a lawsuit requesting a court order unilaterally changing the definition of suicide.

When a doctor lethally prescribes an overdose of drugs to a terminally ill patient for the purpose of self killing, the lawsuit claims, it should not be legally considered a suicide, but rather, "aid in dying."

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