Friday, December 18, 2009

News from the Trenches: Prayer Warriors Saving Lives

Medallion of the Holy Family hanging from Rear-view Mirror

Family Planning Associates, San Diego, December 12

News from the Trenches

On the feast day Of Our Lady of Guadalupe we were blessed with six prayer warriors including two children and two sidewalk counselors. From the time we arrived at 7:30 am to the time we left at 10:00 am I observed nine women walk in to the mill.

The person who first stopped their car to talk with me was a Filipino man accompanied by two Filipino women. I gave them information on the abortionist's record of malpractice and negligence. I noticed there was a medallion of the Holy Family hanging from the rear view mirror. I asked the driver if he was Catholic. He answered that he was. I told him that in our Catholic faith that abortion is a mortal sin that puts your soul in danger of being condemned to hell. I told him that he should consider this before proceeding. He stopped looking at me and looked straight ahead at the mill. He thanked me, in a hurry to drive forward. I reached in my pocket and gave him a Rosary. Telling them that they should pray about what they are about to do.

The second person to stop was an African–American man accompanied by a young woman in the passenger seat. He was very receptive to the information about the grossly negligent abortionist but the young woman was not. She would not look at me and would not give me her name when I introduced myself. There was a Rosary hanging from the rear view mirror so I asked if he was Catholic. He responded that he wasn't. I asked the young woman if she was Catholic but she would not respond. I gave the man a Rosary and told him that perhaps she wanted to pray about what she is about to do.

The third vehicle that stopped was a truck driven by a middle-aged woman. The passenger was a young woman. The passenger was very receptive and concerned upon hearing about the abortionist's abysmal record. I gave her a brochure that gave details of the numerous malpractice and negligence cases against him. I encouraged her to call the Culture of Life Family services clinic and make an appointment as soon as possible. They thanked me and parked in the lot. I could see the young woman reading the brochure. After a couple of minutes they drove off and did not return.