Monday, December 28, 2009

Will Rewrite Health Care 'Bait & Switch' Bill in 2011

Will Rewrite Health Care 'Bait & Switch' Bill in 2011, Vows Congressional Candidate Paul Schiffer

CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Paul Schiffer, Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio's 16th Congressional District, accused Congressional Democrats of enacting a "BAIT & SWITCH" health care bill and promised to rewrite the bill in 2011 to match Americans' priorities.

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Schiffer claims: "The Democrats' health care bill is largely unrelated to what the public was told would be its goals. Democrats sold the bill as fixing specific problems which Americans - and I - all want to see fixed. When elected to Congress, I will fight to make the Democrats' bill actually match their rhetoric! Health care reform should not be a Trojan Horse for socialism."

Schiffer added: "Cost estimates for this bill are ENRON-style accounting, and a scam. Arthur Anderson was dismantled for accounting gimmicks less fraudulent than what's in the Democrats' health care bill. Projected cuts will never happen, costs will multiply like weeds, and the Democrats will bankrupt America."

Out of dozens of defects, Paul Schiffer highlighted the "individual mandate" forcing Americans to buy insurance. "It is deeply offensive that Americans will be fined by the government, and possibly jailed for unpaid fines, if they do not buy the type of insurance commanded by a nameless bureaucrat. Nothing could be more alien to the America that I know and love. In Congress, I will fight to repeal this outrage." Schiffer proposed methods to repeal the "individual mandate" without compromising coverage for pre- existing conditions.

Schiffer will fight to ensure no Federal funds are used for abortions and no medical professional is forced to perform abortions against his conscience.

Schiffer will fight to allow the nation's 1300 health insurance companies to compete nationwide, offering Americans vastly expanded choices in each State.

Schiffer will fight to involve patients more in approval of medical invoices to deter over-billing and excessive costs.

Schiffer will keep America's promise to Medicare patients.

Schiffer vowed to reduce the cost to the medical system of abusive lawsuits, while protecting the opportunity of patients to receive 100% of all losses and damages from genuine medical injuries.

"While the Senate's Bill and the House Bill must still be reconciled, it is clear that Democrats are hell-bent on transforming America into a socialist if not communist nation. Like candy offered to children by a pedophile, socialism offers the appearance of wonderful things, but in the end steals both freedom and prosperity," Schiffer explained.

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