Friday, February 25, 2011

7-year-old boy's strange powers make him a real-life mini-Magneto:

Displaying uncanny powers of magnetism unseen since the last X-Men outing, a 7-year-old Serbian boy named Bogdan recently demonstrated his bizarre abilities by using spoons and forks from his mother's kitchen ... and sticking them to his chest.

Not to be reduced to a mere magnetic oddity, Bogdan (whose last name was not released, presumably so the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants couldn't track him down) further proved his versatility by hanging other household items on his chubby torso, including plates, bowls and a television remote control.

His family claims their son is not allowed to go near any TV or appliance because he shuts them off. The sticky news piece was first shown in the MSNBC clip, which left viewers skeptical and amazed.

Paranormal prodigy or pudgy prankster? You decide ...