Friday, February 18, 2011

Ohio's Ban on Human Cloning and Animal-Human Hybrid

Ohio's Ban on Human Cloning and Animal-Human Hybrid

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 18, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long made the following statement:

"For the past eight years, OCA has been working with members of the Ohio Legislature to ban embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and in recent years, animal-human hybrid. Science has advanced to the point where DNA from animals and humans can be intermixed in scientific laboratory experimentation. These experimental practices simply are outrageous! Animal-human hybrid research is currently being conducted in England, which many in the international medical community now consider to be a rogue medical state. It is now known that some experimentation has taken place in some U.S. laboratories. Ohio Christian Alliance commends State Senator Kris Jordan from Ohio's 19th District for taking the leadership role in sponsoring this key legislation."

Leading the testimony on this legislative ban will be Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council who states, "Creating 'experimental humans' through nuclear transfer cloning or as animal-human hybrids is an unethical use of science, and will not lead to useful medical treatments for patients. This bill should be passed quickly and the focus should be on ethical and successful research that puts the patients first."

Ohio Christian Alliance believes that no human life should begin and end as the subject of an experiment. We attest that a process that knowingly encourages human life to be created, manipulated for research, and ultimately destroyed is immoral and should be prohibited. And all who believe that human life, including nascent human life, is a unique and precious gift from our Creator have an obligation to support efforts to ban it. The bottom line is still that any ban short of a total prohibition on human cloning further devalues the sanctity of human life.

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