Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to pray -- and ACT!


As we gear up for the largest 40 Days for Life
campaign ever -- which begins on Wednesday, March 9
(less than two weeks away) -- your prayers are
already making a HUGE impact!

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted by
an overwhelming majority to strip Planned Parenthood
of its federal taxpayer funding ...

You can see how your representative voted on the
de-funding Planned Parenthood amendment here:

... But this struggle is far from over!

Planned Parenthood is FURIOUS, and is mobilizing
abortion advocates across the country while running
attack ads in the home districts of courageous House
members who voted their conscience.

Now, the Senate has to create its own version of the
Continuing Resolution bill ... and due to the pro-
abortion majority in the Senate it's far less likely
to include an amendment to stop federal funding of
Planned Parenthood.

And regardless of the vote in the Senate, things
don't end there.

For the bill to be signed into law, the wording from
the House and the Senate versions must be exactly the
same. This is done by sending the House and Senate
bills to conference committee where the differences
are ironed out.

After the final bill from the conference committee is
voted on again by both chambers, it will head to the
president's desk to be signed into law or vetoed.

Bottom line: There are still several hurdles to
overcome. And media outlets are predicting that the
measure to strip Planned Parenthood's tax funding
likely won't survive ...

... But we know that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE
POSSIBLE -- even removing hundreds of millions of
taxpayer dollars annually from Planned Parenthood,
America's largest abortion chain!

It is absolutely critical that we pray hard, and that
our elected officials in Washington understand that
defunding Planned Parenthood is non-negotiable -- and
pro-life Americans won't rest until our tax dollars
no longer support Planned Parenthood!

This is why groups across the pro-life movement are
asking people of faith and conscience to once again
hold peaceful prayer vigils coast to coast, pleading
with God for justice to prevail -- for innocent
children at risk of death by abortion, for their
mothers, and for the young girls being exploited by
sex trafficking -- aided and abetted by Planned

This time, we're asking you to hold vigils this
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, at 12 NOON, outside the nearest
district office of your US Senator or Representative
while they are home this week -- to pray that they
will do the right thing in the days ahead.

This requires rapid action in order to show Planned
Parenthood, our elected leaders, and the media the
power of pro-life America to bring about change!

It's simple! To find out what you need to do, visit:

On that page, you'll see step-by-step instructions on
how to plan, promote, and conduct your prayer vigil
this FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, at 12 NOON.

It's vital to act swiftly, pray fervently, and take a
public stand to show Congress that defunding Planned
Parenthood is non-negotiable.

Together, we really can make a difference!

Start planning YOUR vigil now, by going to:

For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- Thanks to all our international 40 Days for
Life participants for having patience with all the
recent messages about efforts in the United States.
We look forward to hearing reports of similar
progress in your countries!

P.P.S.- Want to find the nearest location gearing up
for a 40 Days for Life campaign? View the map and
list of all 247 participating cities worldwide at:

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