Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CRITICAL NYC THREAT to Life Centers: 9PM EST National Conference Call-In

We Need You Tonight at 9PM EST to Join an OnLine-Phone Conference to Save The NYC Life Centers & Moms in Crisis in America's Abortion Capital!
PRE-REGISTER HERE FOR TONIGHT'S CALL: http://vitaefoundation.org/

Tonight at 9PM EST, I invite you to please join a critical online conference call where I and others will present the CRITICAL THREAT we have here in America's Abortion Capital .

The Vitae Foundation, our advertising partner, based in MIssouri, has arranged this call.

Our NY City Council president Christine Quinn's Bill #371 will severely limit the speech of our NYC Life Centers, 12 of these 23 New York City Life center sites are run by us at EMC.

Their bill will subject our centers to fines, lawsuits and jail for non-compliance to their unconstitutional regulation of our advertising, websites, and door signage.

>>You will need to pre-register for this tele-conference if you want to listen in via computer, or you can phone call in from anywhere where you can get a phone signal.

This NYC effort to cripple the advertising outreach to NYC's disadvantaged and distraught expect moms is the brainchild of Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and is nothing less than an effort to shut down their main competition.

In NY City women abort at an astoundingly high rate of 41% of viable pregnancies. For black pregnant women the abortion rate is a stunning 60%, in the five boroughs.

Check out the sad statistics at www.NYC41percent.com