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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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For years we have been reporting on the hype favoring costly, dangerous and unethical embryonic stem cell research. And yet governments have given multi-millions of taxpayer’s money to this scam of no proven or even likely benefit.

It’s all about money folks. There is a lot less potential profit in adult stem research, especially for the drug industry, since ethical adult stem cell procedures don’t require the use of anti-rejection drugs. Then there is global warming hype. Money, money, money and power.

Nancy Pelosi goes farther and farther, and yet the relevant two bishops have STILL done nothing significant to hold her to account for her intense provocations and heretical rants. She can still receive communion, read in Church and generally be treated as a Catholic in good standing in Washington and in her home diocese while giving repeated, massive public scandal to the faith and its moral teachings. What is everyone to make of this? The bishops’ negligence logically breeds more Nancy Pelosis, Ted Kennedys, Robert Drinans, etc. Maybe Nancy is just begging her spiritual fathers to take strong actions needed to save her from her spiritual and emotional self destruction.  And yet… no action.

Steve Jalsevac

Pelosi blasts Catholics on abortion: they ‘have this conscience thing’

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Nov 22 13:50 EST Abortion

“They would” let women die on the floor, she said. “They would! Again, whatever their intention is, this is the effect.’’

How big a blow was Geron’s bombshell that it is bailing on embryonic stem cell research? BIG.

Jill Stanek Tue Nov 22 18:47 EST Opinion

In all, Geron invested 15 years and a whopping $150 million into embryonic stem cell research. Only to abruptly dump it?

Bank of America, Cisco back down after firing traditional marriage supporter

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Nov 22 17:32 EST Freedom

Bank of America and the Cisco Corporation promised not to discriminate against employees or vendors who publicly oppose same-sex “marriage.”

Syphilis rates soar 134% among homosexual black men, fall among general population

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Nov 22 16:33 EST Homosexuality

“The finding is particularly concerning as there has also been a sharp increase in HIV infections among this population," the CDC report states.

Fatherless: New documentary questions morality of anonymous sperm donation industry

Adam Cassandra Tue Nov 22 16:14 EST Bioethics

“Should we be conceiving children in the first place who will be deliberately denied the ability to know, and be known by, their father?” a woman asks in the trailer.

Pro-life group runs pro-adoption ads at time when 40% of unplanned babies aborted

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Nov 22 16:00 EST Abortion

Project director Anastasia Bowles pointed out that while almost 60% of unplanned pregnancies result in the woman choosing to parent her child, 40% end in abortion.

Catholic TV network removes homosexualist program host following protest campaign

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Tue Nov 22 18:06 EST Homosexuality

Show host Edinho Silva, the leader of the ruling Labor Party in the state of São Paulo, openly promotes the homosexualist political agenda.

Male cross-dressing ‘lesbian’ couple ‘marries’ after one has sex change surgery

Christine Dhanagom Tue Nov 22 17:50 EST Homosexuality

Both men had wives and children before each divorced and entered a homosexual relationship with each other, in which the two cross-dressed as a "lesbian" pair.

Paris police break up peaceful pro-life protest outside hospital

Peter Baklinski Tue Nov 22 14:14 EST Abortion

The pro-life advocates were reportedly apprehended because of the “aggressiveness” of the pro-abortion counter-demonstration.

‘Me first, here-and-now’: the mentality that feeds the pro-abortion culture of death

Stephanie Gray Tue Nov 22 13:10 EST Opinion

Labor is hard. But when the alternative is dismembering, decapitating, and disemboweling the body of a baby, can't we be willing to take that hard road because it's the right road?

‘A world without people with Down syndrome.’ At what cost?

Calvin Freiburger Tue Nov 22 12:44 EST Opinion

However empathetic the intent may be, killing someone to spare him or her an uncertain future is as shortsighted as it is arrogant.

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