Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CMMB: Celebrate African Women's Day & St. Ignatius Day with us!

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Dear Friends,
Celebrate African Women's Day!

Celebrate African Women’s Day by making a gift to CMMB in honor of women and mothers who inspire us all!
Join us today in celebrating both the feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola and African Women’s Day. They each have very special meaning for CMMB: St.Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), worked to promote social justice throughout his life. Jesuits throughout history have sought to care for those who were often neglected – through schools, missions, parishes, and refugee services. Fr. Jerome Nadal, an early Jesuit, puts it this way:
Why are there Jesuits? The Society has the care of those souls for whom either there is nobody to care or, if somebody ought to care, for whom the care is negligent. This is the reason for the founding of the Society. This is its strength. This is its dignity in the Church.
We couldn’t have asked for a better model to lead our organization! For many decades, Jesuit ideals, support and leadership guided CMMB and helped to inspire our outstanding efforts to help “those souls . . . for whom the care is negligent.”
This is so true in the case of the women of Africa. CMMB currently supports health programs in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, South Sudan and Zambia. And with our increased focus on the health of mothers and children, we are strengthening the family unit and the community: healthy women inspire healthy families and communities.
Today, we celebrate our Jesuit identity. We hope you’ll join us in prayer in honor of St. Ignatius and in tribute to the brave women of Africa. May they continue to inspire us.
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Bruce Wilkinson
President & CEO
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