Monday, July 9, 2018

New M.O.M. on the Block

New M.O.M. on the Block
Contact: Ashanda McCants, 561-859-4439

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Every year, countless men and women hit Washington D.C. and major cities alike to fight for the right of the unborn. Generations stand united against the atrocity of abortion as the torch passes from one hand to the next proclaiming the sanctity of life. But one woman's message hits directly to the root of the issue, "Motherhood is by Design," says homeschool mother of eight and Director of the My Ovaries Matter (M.O.M) Campaign.

Ashanda N. McCants, started the pro-life/family apparel store AM PERS8NIFY, as a way to reach the heart of women facing crisis pregnancies. "I understand what it's like ... when you feel unprepared to bring a baby into the world but I believe when we see the correlation between our design and our role, we begin to value our identity in a whole new way."

A mother of eight children, four boys and four girls, Ashanda and her husband Aaron didn't anticipate having a large family. "I miscarried my second child. While I was praying, God showed me I'd have many children." Twelve years later, the couple welcomed their fourth daughter.

Mrs. McCants hopes to rally the pro-life community around the M.O.M message. "It's edgy, it's different, it's what we need to reach this generation." Ashanda sees the My Ovaries Matter Campaign as a vehicle to reach the conscience of the women the movement serves. "My message is purposeful not political, there is purpose in our design," she said. "I think when we steer the conversation in that direction, we answer the tough question of our detractors, 'Do you care about women?' Yes, we do, to their very being."

The effects of abortion in the black community have come into greater focus within the overall movement.

With 35% of all abortions coming from the black community, Ashanda believes black leadership is necessary in putting an end to the act within the most targeted community.

"We know who Planned Parenthood and facilities like them target. We know the lack of education our community receives about life and family wellness in general. As a black mom, I believe its imperative that I take this stand." And through identity politics, she hopes to do just that. "People are making powerful statements about what they believe by what they wear, I believe we can turn the conscience of a nation, black and white, with a unified message."

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