Thursday, September 13, 2007 NewsBytes

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Women Bribed to Donate Eggs for Cloning

German politician pushes euthanasia machine

Virginia school denies recognition to pro-life student club, ADF files suit

Stem cells from cord blood could become the standard

Scientists discover how to isolate stem cells in womb tissue

Dallas-area heart patient was helped by his own stem cells

Abortion's "unshakeable foe" - Presidential candidate Ron Paul visits California

Thompson Gives No Opinion on Schiavo

Fred Thompson's plunge into the presidential pool -- more bellyflop than swan dive By George Will

Thompson Criticizes No Child Left Behind

Paul M. Weyrich not impressed with Thompson campaign

Fred Thompson appears to be enjoying bump in national and state polls following announcement tour, despite some comments that could cost him with conservative voters

Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain do not really care about value voters because they are declining to participate in Values voters debate moderator says

Pollster says Clinton's lead commanding, but not insurmountable

The non-candidate: God By Cal Thomas

Laura Ingraham: Threats to Talk Radio Real

Manitoba municipality is nuclear family capital of Canada

Atheists: Caught between evolution and a hard spot?

Most think founders wanted Christian USA

Mega-Mosque Would be Largest Religious Structure in UK

Ignorance of Islam - Universities are derelict in their duty of making students into knowledgeable citizens

Why Wyoming Catholic? - Witnessing a birth of new Catholic traditional liberal arts college

Should People Stop Having Children to Halt Global Warming?

Will Media Report Error in Laurie David's Global Warming Children's Book?

500 scientists refute global warming dangers

Cardinal McCarrick Urges Rescuing Planet

Cardinal Compromise Levada Strikes Again

CitizenLink explains how lawmakers play the name game in an attempt to enshrine homosexuality in federal law

Researchers Say Sexual Orientation Can Change - it's difficult, but possible

Polygamy oozed onto public square in Canada

You tube video of pro-life vs. pro-abortion demonstrations -Who's Harassing Who?

Abortion and mental health: The link we cannot ignore

Videos of the Aurora city council hearing on Planned Parenthood coming to town using deceit

Surprise! Embryos used in research thrive in type of jostling they'd experience in the womb

German politician pushes euthanasia machine

Well known Dissident Catholic Rosemary Ganley is now on the Canadian Board of Amnesty International

President of Pro-Life Philippines Lito Atienza has been appointed Environment Secretary in the Philippines

Board of Pharmacy closed its investigation into Washington state Ralph's Thriftway pharmacy over its failure to stock Plan B emergency contraceptives

Michael Coren: "we would be better off scrapping the entire public education system and allowing parents to spend their money on their children's education as they see fit"

Federal Judge Extends Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Missouri Law That Would Require Abortion Clinics To Upgrade Facilities

Skip work, make babies, says Russian governor

'Mom,' 'dad,' targeted by California bias ban

HIV resurges among young gay men in New York

Polish bishops back organ donation

The perils and pitfalls of abortion rhetoric

Liberals love the sin and hate the sinner

Report Shows Big Downside to Family Disintegration

Lawsuit Says Abortion Provider Caused Seizures

Mother of girl who underwent pre-natal surgery hopes her case will lead to fewer abortions

"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"