Saturday, November 17, 2007


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From Eduardo Verastegui,lead actor and Producer of film "Bella" - Bella coming to many more theatres but your help needed

Will Brownbackers Back Huckabee?

Kathleen Willey: Hillary Clinton's 'secret police' tried to silence me

Bozell of the Media Research Center says media 'in lock-step' with Clinton campaign

CNN Misleads on Catholic Bishops’ Abortion Views, Quotes Only Liberal Dissenters

Liberal leaders in Congress intent on reviving the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” an archaic method of regulating broadcasters by requiring them to offer airtime to opposing viewpoints

Pro-life advocate says the sanctity of life is increasingly being sacrificed for political gains and cutting medical care costs.

Aurora Police Chief Threatens Arrests as Pro-Life Citizens Gear Up for Protest at Planned Parenthood

Bush Judicial Nominees Nominations Sent to the Senate

More than 50 million Chinese Christians have to choose between forcibly joining patriotic associations or being eliminated. All this is done in contempt of United Nations declarations on religious freedom.

Anti Christian violence peaks in India

Saudi Court condemns rape victim to 200 lashings and six months prison

Vatican joins historic talks to end 950-year rift with Orthodox church

The Woeful Plight of Iraqi Christians - Americans provide no special protection for them

Hotels substituting “intimacy kits” for Bibles

China's Patriotic Church blocks ordination of Bishop of Guangzhou, approved by the Holy See

Church in Poland encourages young people to wear “chastity ring

The Worth of School Vouchers and Local Control - Paul M. Weyrich

Liberty Counsel's Christmas "Friend or Foe" campaign,

School says Thanksgiving is for 'mourning'- Holiday called 'bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal'

Anonymous letter criticizing PC Leader John Tory is being circulated widely among Ontario Conservative supporters in the lead up to a mandatory February party leadership review.

A memo containing bad legal advice continues to circulate through senior living centers across the nation, prompting some facilities to censor religious expressions related to Christmas

New Delhi, India: Men forcing abortions on their lovers, beware! The Supreme Court has ruled that such men can’t be acquitted even if they later marry the women in question

Watch out, world. China is on the verge of taking a major leadership role in the future of the tech industry.,2704,2217687,00.asp

The Evolution of Spam, Part 1: New Tricks

Federal Gay Hate Crime Bill Reportedly In Trouble says gay website

Gay demographics could reshape electoral landscape

China says Unhealthy behavior, gay sex behind HIV growth ;