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2008 As A Likely Change Election says Paul Weyrich - does not bode well for Republicans ;

Will GOP voters accept Giuliani's evolution on abortion?

Giuliani's abortion stance unacceptable, says Perkins

Thompson accused of waffling on right to life

Pat Robertson Endorsement Sparks Backlash

Deacon Keith Fournier responds to "libertarian/conservative coalition" charge of Huckabee being"False Conservative?"

Huckabee Tries to Gloss Over Ark. Record

64% of Americans Don't Trust Presidential Campaign Coverage

Planned Parenthood Ottawa denies local charity drive freedom of choice

Appears Oakland City Council the "bubble heads") will allow "8-foot bubble ordinance" to become law.

Australian pro-family group decries new prime minister

YWCA Worker Fired after Inviting Pro-Life Speaker

Stem Cell breakthrough worrisome to some scientists who fear it could "stifle" science

Eyebrows raised over 'Golden Compass' curriculum

Time: Sunday School for Atheists

Gloom-and-Doomers Wrong on U.S. "Moral Collapse" - By Michael Medved

Ohio Governor Urged to Reconsider Abstinence Funding

Governments are mandating universal access to day care. A new book argues there is more ideology than science driving this trend.

Canadian Billionaire calls for European Union-style currency for Canada and United States. Will North American Union imitate EU's militant secularism and suppression of social/cultural/political independence??

"Whole sordid business" of partyism in Ottawa "will invoke despair among anyone who knows anything at all about the centuries-long struggle for parliamentary democracy"

Batten down the hatches – Climate fear-mongering to get worse

The Mohammed Teddy Bear Blasphemy update: Teacher awaits her fate

AIDS Epidemic in D.C. -- It is Not Everybody's Disease

"Fighting transphobia" - California middle and high school students being trained on how to promote "gender identity activism" in schools

Michigan Governor Adds Special Rights for 'Transgendered' State Workers

Controversial poster promoting parish carnival leads to discord at Hollywood church

Cross-dressing day sparks school exodus - Parents pull students from district, citing conflicts with biblical rules

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