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Hillary Clinton ( D-N.Y.) said to practically get campaign contribution kickbacks from support for subsidies to drug industry for emergency contraceptive pill Plan B.

Mrs. Clinton inexplicably silent regarding subjugation of women in India and China and by US doctors performing sex-selection abortions America

CNN Omits Pro-choice Bent to EMILY's List 'Political Network'

Planned Parenthood faces criminal charges: Do you see a pattern?

Analyst anticipates Brazilian government will push to legalize abortion against will of majority

Alaska Supreme Court Rules Parental Consent Statute is Unconstitutional

'Spiritual void' a problem in Quebec according to Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Massachusetts pro-family Catholic activist acquitted of assault and battery charges leveled by a Massachusetts ACLU official - "assault" never happened.

A New America: Unmarrieds Drive Political and Social Change

Even Harvard Finds The Media Biased

Is the Ontario Family Coalition Party still relevant?

Conservative jurist is ready to lead the 9th Circuit.

(AFA) expects handful of retailers and government officials to try and censor true meaning of Christmas during this season

Sex trafficking? In America? Unfortunately, it's happening right under our noses.

What Happened to Flying the "Friendly Skies"?

Grand jury indicts owner of Staunton porn store

Focus on sex education: protecting the heart

Poverty is big business for aid agencies in Africa.

Be Nice To Me. I'm Dying. - Mary Beth Bonacci

Gay men still banned by FDA from giving blood

More parents setting limits on TV

AP Biased Poll: 67% of Parents Want Schools to Give Birth Control

Beijing: "serious repercussions" if the Dalai Lama meets the Pope

Plans for mandatory coed locker rooms in Montgomery County, Md.

Rome condemns film of reign of Queen Elizabeth - profoundly and perversely falsifies history

Halloween and Harry Potter

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