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Bella now in 456 US theatres! Rising in the charts surpassing many other movies in attendance figures. Praise for movie continues to grow. See Life of Eduardo clip and many new features on Bella website

As forecast, therapeutic cloning is well and truly on the skids. But how did it happen so quickly?

Vatican expert praises discovery of new stem cell technique not involving embryos

New discoveries pave the way for ethical stem-cell research, thanks to the president's policies - Wesley J. Smith

Stem-cell findings may affect '08 vote

The End of the Stem-Cell Wars - A victory for science, for the pro-life movement, and for President

Adult Stem Cells 73, Embryonic Stem Cells 0

The Good News Just Keeps On Coming: Adult Stem Cells Treat MS and Arthritis in Mice

Valuing All Human Life: Fetus Killing is Murder in Texas

Dr. Margaret Somerville responds to Abortion zealot Joyce Arthur on Unborn Victims of Crime

Convicted Canadian euthanasia killer Robert Latimer seeking day parole

Funding Woes Force Planned Parenthood to Close Five Michigan Clinics

Romney Open to Incarcerating Abortionists

We're making too much of politicians' religious faith - Peggy Noonan

Huckabee Gaining Ground in Iowa

Ontario parents shunning HPV vaccine for girls

New Study: Abstinence Works

World Meetings of Families to encourage embattled family, says Cardinal Trujillo

Children are Safer When Living with Biological Parents

Marriage reform proposed to lower divorce rate by half

Many sitcoms promote a singles lifestyle. There's a simple reason: singles buy more stuff

Secular Feminism's Path to Power

Colorado City Council Votes to Keep Christmas Trees and Lights

NYC Schools Favor Jews and Muslims Over Christians

Chinese made computer hard disks programmed to upload passwords secretly to Beijing websites

Chinese priest sentenced to three years for inaugurating a state-sanctioned church

Netherlands Not So Dutch Anymore

Ayatollah Jean Charest

A Thanksgiving for the Federalist Society

Americans should be thankful they have one of the last functioning nation states - Mark Steyn

Not Enough Parking for Private Jets Going to UN Climate Conference

Faith in a Climate of Fear - global warnings: part 1

Why melting of ice sheets 'is impossible'

Climate change: The deniers

Second Encyclical by Pope Benedict Signed - Theme - Hope; Third one on social issues in the works

Survey: Many Christian Parents Choose to Satisfy Children Over God

Take Action: New Jersey Legislature Seeks to Redefine Marriage for the Nation

Warren, Clinton urged to tackle homosexual promiscuity at AIDS Summit

San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer fetes "Catholic who supports gay rights and a woman's right to choose,"

New Jersey Legislature Seeks to Redefine Marriage for the Nation

Wal-Mart facing boycott from homosexual activists

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