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Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards demonstrated in favour of the traditional family in the centre of Madrid on Sunday

Pro-abortion, pro-gay New York Mayor Bloomberg seriously moving toward a decision to run for president as an independent in 2008

Longtime San Diego-area abortion clinic closes its doors

Abortion Supporter Knocks 69 Yr. Old Pro-Lifer Unconscious, Mainstream Media Silent

Stem Cells and the President — An Inside Account

Polish vicar resists in-vitro insemination

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians"

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

Peggy Noonan - My 2008 slogan: Reasonable Person for President - Mike Huckabee gets enough demerits to fall into my not-reasonable column. John Edwards is not reasonable. Rudy Giuliani - He is reasonable but not desirable. Hillary Clinton? No, not reasonable.

Ann Coulter - Liberals sing 'Huckelujah'- he is on record supporting the Supreme Court's sodomy-is-a-constitutional-right decision - opposes school choice

The Most Interesting Presidential Candidate - by George Will

Ron Paul Supporters Panic Over False News Story

The Ron Paul attraction

Republican roller-coaster: Poll ranks McCain No. 1 - Arizona senator finds himself on top for 1st time, Huckabee, Giuliani close

The Trouble With Mitt Romney's Pro-Life Conversion by Deal W. Hudson

USAT Reporter Caught in Distortion, Portrays Thompson as Unambitious

Governor Huckabee Addresses Anti-Catholicism and Abortion

How Hillary will change your life

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

Vatican denies exorcist expansion

Why new Catholic Blair has an awful lot of sins to repent

Blair Conversion Elicits Groans in England

Hindus burn churches in India leaving one dead, 30 hurt: police

For God's sake, reflect - Cardinal George Pell
Religion has been unfairly blamed for conflicts around the world in recent years but Christians should remember the benefits of their devotion, Sydney's Catholic Archbishop George Pell says.,21985,22967672-662,00.html

God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis is a rather scary book
Author Philip Jenkins' basic thesis is irrefutable: Modern Europe is post-Christian, and the fastest-growing religion is that of Islam. Immigration from Muslim lands – still continuing – and a high Muslim birthrate, coincides with a collapse in the practice of Christianity and massive drop in the native birth rate in across Europe. The future looks distinctly Islamic

Malaysian Catholic weekly allowed to publish using the word 'Allah'

Mankind is more than the janitor of planet Earth; I am avowedly atheist. But listening to the bishops' drab, eco-pious Christmas sermons, I couldn't help thinking: 'Bring back God!'

Vatican official raps radical environmentalism

Climate Optimism: Global Warming Will Wipe Out Conservative States

Google Claims Conservative Website 'May Harm Your Computer'

Children of five 'should be given sex lessons' a senior British public health doctor has said.

Australian Senator says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provide clean feeds, or ISP filtering, to houses and schools that are free of pornography and inappropriate material.

The Archbishop of Canterbury kept a special communion service for gays so secret that he failed to tell the Bishop of London it was happening in his diocese

Text of Archbishop George Niederauers's homily during Oct. 7 pastoral visit to San Francisco's Most Holy Redeemer parish

Judge halts Oregon's same-sex partnerships - Challenge claimed petition signers' names improperly rejected by state

Prison benefits offered same-sex couples, not marrieds

Profile: The most powerful gay man in British politics

Benazir Bhutto - Why Al Qaeda Didn't Kill Her And The Pakistani Military Did?

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