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Man allegedly laced girlfriend's smoothie with 'abortion pill'

Lead Into Gold: "StemCell Vindication" for Bush

Rep. Henry Hyde was more interested in being right than in being popular

CNN hands mic to homosexual Clinton campaigner during GOP debat

RON WHO? Longshot candidate from Texas, once an unknown, gains on GOP leaders and rakes in funds

Should CNN be Allowed to Host Any More Debates?

Pro-Lifers handed victory in Kansas Supreme Court

POLL: An abortion picture says a thousand words

Man Charged With Murder for Slipping Abortion Drug to Girlfriend to Cause Miscarriages,2933,313882,00.html

Spanish government prohibits pro-life protests in front of Congressional building

ABC Highlights Pregnant Cancer Patient Who Rejected Abortion

More Trouble in Proposition 71 Land

Newsweek, science correspondent Sharon Begley suddenly reveals that disease models, not regenerative therapy, was the direction of embryonic stem-cell research

ABC and NBC, But Not CBS, Note Passing of Conservative Icon Hyde

The great climate change extortion racket

Parties plotting when to pull trigger on Canada's Parliament

Thousands of jihadists want Mohammed Teddy Bear blasphemer executed: "Kill her, kill her by firing squad!"

British Teddy bear teacher found guilty by Islamic court. Must endure 15 days in dangerous Sudan jail

Will the secular left soon attack the religious right for being pro-science?

Christmas Censors Out in Force, Says Catholic League

"More than 37,000 Catholic religious now past age 70"

Teachers Vs. Priests - Unequal Treatment In the Media?

Testers see Windows XP passing Vista

Physician: Promiscuity powering alarming STD rates

Hidden Dangers in Visiting Porn Sites - malicious code use to commandeer visitors' machines or steal personal data

Pastor who had pro-life parishioner arrested takes different approach when it comes to homosexuals

Sex now the main cause of HIV in China

Controversy Over Homosexual General Called 'Manufactured'

Some doctors, patients protest Catholic purchase of hospital

10% penalty applied if buyers don't get tickets from 'gay' site

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