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Think tank warns Atlantic Canada will become the Third World of the 21st century unless provincial governments immediately get to work on population growth

Numerous Nativity Scenes Vandalized Nationwide in US

Archbishop of Canterbury says nativity 'a legend';jsessionid=JHPSTTVO4EG5FQFIQMGCFGGAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/12/20/nwise120.xml

The only people who seem bothered by Christmas are those overly sensitive post-Christian liberals proposing its banishment and a few antagonistic atheists who from time to time file human rights complaints. It's Christmas. Enjoy the merriment, the wishes for peace, the traditions - National Post main editorial

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Bans The Word "Christmas"

Michigan United Way denies Planned Parenthood grant

Time Magazine poll finds Americans oppose almost every kind of abortion

Abortion Protesters Target Contractor Of Planned Parenthood Site

Schoolgirls can get morning after pill without uttering a word by flashing 'modesty' card

Rasmussen: 'The Huckaboom may have crested'

Language of religion has in fact become a key element of Hillary Clinton campaign

Ron Paul Tied With Rudy Giuliani in Iowa

'Muhammad boys' prove 'Islam will enter every house in Europe'

In Defense of Free Speech--And Mark Steyn - By David Warren

Death for Refusing Burka and the Deceptive Muslim Denials

Free Steyn - National Review

DiversityInc. Magazine Equates Christians to Slave Owners

Senate Report: Over 400 Scientists Dispute Manmade Global Warming

Exercise Significantly Lowers Risk of Dementia

A "Gay Man" Trapped in a Woman's Body and Other Nonsense

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