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Joy and Whoopi Grill Ron Paul Over Abortion

The Golden Compass - Glorifying a lying, rebellious brat

Los Angeles Times Article Questions Literacy Of Those Who Protest 'Golden Compass'

Michael J. Fox Sticks to Old Beliefs on Embryo Destruction

A Changed Stem Cell Debate By Sam Brownback

Morning-after pill not leading to fewer teen abortions in Spain

Man allegedly laced girlfriend's smoothie with 'abortion pill'

Some Questions the Media Won't Ask Today About AIDS

As I listened to Hyde, tears began streaming down my cheeks - Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard

Henry Hyde, R.I.P. - We need more representatives who love Congress the way Hyde did.

Henry Hyde's legacy - National Review Online asked some former colleagues, friends, and admirers to assess his legacy.

President Clinton and Mr. Hyde A case study in contrasts by William Kristol

The Washington State Assisted Suicide Campaign Begins

The US Federal Government is Undermining Hospice

Audit Ordered for California Center for Regenerative Medicine

Lead Into Gold: More on Yamanaka Continued Progress

New Jersey Campaign to Protect Marriage a Success

Congress Pressured to Cut Abstinence-Education Funding

Global warming melting Arctic Ice - Manipulation of public perceptions

An Inconvenient Global Carbon Tax

Bali's - science of climate change has long been left behind

Hot cities, not CO2, cause urban thermometers to rise - Contaminated data

Skeptics Denied Press Credentials at UN Climate Meeting in Bali

Global Warming and the Tax the Rich Scheme

What the New Atheists Don't See - To regret religion is to regret Western civilization.

'The Golden Compass' Promotion Aids 'Awareness' About Polar Bears' Plight

The Florida GOP Debates – No Clear Winner or Loser By Paul M. Weyrich

Huckabee slammed for statement, "all law establishes morality"

'No accident' activist general given platform during GOP debate, says military watchdog

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Significant drops in support for Clinton & Giuliani

Republicans were reluctant to participate in last week's debate, and CNN proved them right. Both they and the viewers had to endure two hours of inanity and stilted questioning.

Ron Paul Likely to Reach $12 Million Fundraising Mark in Fourth Quarter,2933,314574,00.html

APA Shuns Academic and Religious Coalition on Homosexuality

Adult-Porn Industry Drives Child Porn Views

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