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Barack Obama Health Care Speech Lacks Details on Funding, Promoting Abortions
Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama gave a major speech to members of the American Medical Association on Monday concerning health care. However, his speech lacked any details on the paramount issue for pro-life advocates -- whether his plan will fund or promote abortions with taxpayer dollars. Obama described the current health care system as a “ticking time bomb” in need of significant overhaul. Obama defended the public insurance option, but that concerns pro-life advocates because it could result in paying for abortions with tax dollars. Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, outlined those fears. "Can Uncle Sam's helping hand really avoid becoming a heavy hand? Will that heavy hand force taxpayers to directly subsidize abortion for the first time in over 30 years?" he asked. "No health care reform should force us to perform or be complicit in actions we find offensive. A right of conscience protects physicians and other health providers from being compelled to do things that violate religious or moral briefs," he said. Full story at

Pro-Life Advocates Rally Outside Barack Obama Speech, Abortion Not Health Care
Washington, DC ( -- As President Barack Obama outlines his plans for health care overhaul in a major speech today, pro-life advocates are present outside with a clear message that abortion is not health care. They want Obama to know that his health reform plan must not cover abortions or pay for them with tax dollars. Leading pro-life advocates are concerned the Obama plan would force health insurance companies to pay for abortions or pay for them outright with taxpayer funds. Today, members of the Pro-Life Action League rallied outside the Hyatt Regency in Chicago where Obama will address American Medical Association delegates. "President Obama has declared his intention to reduce abortion. Now he is seeking support from the American Medical Association for his health care plan, and we're calling on him to remember that commitment," Eric Scheidler, communications director for the group, told "Our message is simple: Abortion is not health care." Scheidler says Obama can honor his own rhetoric by making sure reform of the nation's health care system will provide support for the more than 3,000 pregnancy centers across the country struggling to meet the needs of pregnant women. He also challenged Obama to withdraw federal funding from the nation's largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, which receives $349,600,000 of taxpayers' money every year. Full story at

Senate Republican Leader Says Filibuster Still on Table Over Sonia Sotomayor

Washington, DC ( -- The number one Republican lawmaker in the Senate says a filibuster possibility is still on the table with regard to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. The appeals court judge is President Barack Obama's first selection for the high court and evidence makes it appear she supports abortion. With Republicans holding so few seats in the Senate, a filibuster is viewed as the only method of stopping Sotomayor from receiving Senate approval. During an interview with CBS's "Face the Nation" program, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a pro-life Kentucky lawmaker, said the filibuster option is available but he doesn't know whether it will be used. "It's way too early to be talking about whether anybody opposes this nominee," McConnell said. "The Democrats have firmly established        that as precedent, but that doesn't mean you're going to use it." McConnell said he opposed filibusters used during the Bush years but said that, since Democrats had established it as a precedent, Republicans should have the option to use the parliamentary stalling tactic if they desire. Full story at

Head of Pro-Abortion Women's Group NOW to Resign as National President
Washington, DC ( -- Kim Gandy, the president of the pro-abortion women's group NOW plans to resign her position at the organization's national convention later this week. The organization has been criticized during Gandy's 22-year tenure as a leader within the organization for misrepresenting women by promoting abortion. Gandy has been the president of NOW for eight years and spent more than two decades helping the pro-abortion group. 
"It is an honor to be part of this organization, which has allowed me to fulfill my passion to help women," Gandy said in a statement. Wendy Wright, the president of Concerned Women for America, responded to Gandy's leaving in comments to “Kim Gandy followed NOW’s long tradition of claiming to speak on behalf of all women as they advocate for policies that only some women (and non-manly men) demand," she said. Though NOW continues to advance abortion, a May 2009 Polling Company survey found that, of Americans who know someone who has had an abortion, 55 percent described her abortion as a negative experience while just 33 percent described it as a positive one. Full story at

Hillary Clinton Swears In Melanne Verveer to Lead Obama's Intl Abortion Agenda
Washington, DC ( -- In a late Friday ceremony, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton swore in the new head of the Office of Women's Issues who will promote President Barack Obama's international abortion agenda. Melanne Verveer becomes a new ambassador whose mission is to promote abortion as part of a focus on women. "Who better to fulfill the position, a new position, of Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues than, the one and only, Melanne Verveer," Clinton said. Verveer apparently has significant sway as Clinton said "Melanne has been, like all the rest of you, telling me what to do for years." Clinton said Verveer would "be the vital voice to make sure that the concerns of women and girls remain central to the American foreign policy agenda." However, that is an agenda that Clinton admitted in a Congressional hearing includes promoting abortion. In a hearing with Foreign Affairs Committee members on April 22, she admitted, “We are now an administration that will protect the rights of women, including their rights to reproductive health care,” and that “reproductive health includes access to abortion.” 
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Planned Parenthood Hires New Staffer to Promote Abortion on a Global Scale
Washington, DC ( -- Planned Parenthood has hired a new man who will head up the nation's largest abortion business' efforts to promote abortion on a global scale. The pro-abortion group is also delighted that President Barack Obama and his administration have done more to push abortion as an international right. Veena Siddharth, the vice president for international programs at Planned Parenthood, talked about the latest developments in an email today to the group's supporters. She said Planned Parenthood has hired Jeff Meer to join the abortion business' staff as the new director of international advocacy. "Jeff has a long and distinguished background in international development and assistance, which includes having served as a career foreign service officer with the State Department with postings overseas and in Washington," Siddharth said. Siddharth said Meer had participated in three international population conferences, including the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development. Meanwhile, Siddharth applauded Obama and his administration. 
"We've seen President Barack Obama rescind the [Mexico City Policy] and pave the way for increasing funding for UNFPA and USAID," she writes. Full story at

Pro-Life Democrat Saves Abortion Funding Limits Obama Suggested Overturning
Washington, DC ( -- One of the rare pro-life Democrats in Congress has saved one of the limits on abortion funding that President Barack Obama suggested be removed from the federal budget. The House of Representatives will consider the particular spending bill this week that has the pro-life language included. When Obama released his budget suggestions in May, he asked members of Congress to allow the Legal Services Corporation to use tax dollars to pay for pro-abortion litigation. The Obama budget recommendation changed the language governing funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) and loosened it to allow LSC grantees to conduct abortion litigation. It prohibited direct funding of abortion litigation but overturned restrictions        preventing LSC grantees from shifting other taxpayer funds to a separate account for pro-abortion activities. However, Rep. Alan Mollohan, a pro-life Democrat from West Virginia who is the subcommittee chairman, came to the rescue. When he wrote H.R. 2487, the FY10 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill that normally has the LSC abortion litigation limits, he ignored Obama's suggestions and kept the pro-life provision in place. Mollohan also kept limits on using taxpayer funds to pay for abortion for prisoners who reside in federal prisons and prohibitions on patenting human beings for research purposes. 
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Canada Pro-Life Advocates Asking for More Calls to Oppose Assisted Suicide Bill
Ottawa, Canada ( -- A Canadian pro-life group is urging euthanasia opponents to step up their efforts to oppose a bill in Parliament that would legalize assisted suicide. LifeCanada says it is opposed to legalizing assisted suicide because it would target elderly and disabled patients with death instead of care and treatment. Bloc MP Francine Lalonde introduced Bill C-384 in May that would permit assisted suicide for anyone 18 or older who is experiencing “severe physical or mental pain” and has “tried or expressly refused” treatment. 
"While we oppose any legislation that would allow assisted suicide or euthanasia under any circumstances, this bill is particularly dangerous," LifeCanada says. The pro-life group says the legislation "would mean that a depressed 18-year-old who refused medication could ask for and receive a lethal prescription." The bill also allows assisted suicide those who request it “while appearing to be lucid," which LifeCanada says is a problem. "Individuals may appear to be lucid while suffering from dementia, confusion, incapacitating depression or other factors, and may be particularly vulnerable to pressure or coercion to request assisted suicide or euthanasia," the group explains. Full story at

Wisconsin Democratic Leaders Prevent Vote to Stop UW Late-Term Abortions
Madison, WI ( -- Democrats in charge of the Wisconsin Assembly have prevented a vote on an amendment to the state budget bill that would prevent the University of Wisconsin health system from doing late-term abortions. UW will be doing late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center. The Assembly Democratic leadership used a procedural maneuver to kill an amendment to the state budget that would have prevented UW entities from performing late-term abortions. The amendment, authored by Rep. Dan LeMahieu, was strongly supported by pro-life groups but the leadership asked the Assembly to vote on a procedural maneuver that all members knew would result in killing the LeMahieu amendment. The procedural vote prevailed by a one vote margin as all Republicans voted against it along with Democrats Peggy Krusick and Bob Ziegelbauer and Independent Jeff Wood. 
"It is obvious by the very close vote that the leadership was fearful that the LeMahieu amendment would pass if members were permitted the opportunity to vote on it," Wisconsin Right to Life legislative director Susan Armacost told Full story at
ACTION: Express your response to their votes by contacting members of the Assembly at

Media Bias: Does ABC Stand for the Abortion Broadcasting Company?
by Colleen Raezler 
ABC gave pro-abortion advocates free advertising recently with its "World News Sunday." During the report, an abortionist unequivocally stated that late-term abortion is "really a miscarriage of a stillborn fetus."
Anchor Dan Harris framed Steve Osunsami's segment as a look at why doctors risk their lives to perform abortions given the "constant threat" of violence they face, as evidenced by last week's murder of abortionist George Tiller and recent comments from Tiller's accused killer that "similar attacks are planned all over the country." Harris teased the segment "Tonight, we talk to late-term abortion providers who fear they are targets. Why do they do it?" He stated in his introduction, "Why would a doctor take that risk? And why would a woman make that choice?" Osunsami's report quickly revealed itself as a propaganda piece. He lamented, "Tiller was one of the few doctors in the U.S. who specialized in late-term abortions, abortions performed as late as the third trimester. With Tiller's death, there      are now fewer than a dozen U.S. doctors who offer the procedure." Neither abortion provider featured in the segment actually explained why they perform late-term abortions. In fact, both avoided using the word "abortion." Full story at

Oregon Suspect Who Killed Pregnant Woman, Unborn Child Faces New Charges
Portland, OR ( -- An Oregon woman who stands accused of killing a pregnant mother and her eight-month old unborn children faces new charges in a court hearing today. Korena Elaine Roberts, 27, reportedly killed 21-year-old Heather Snively recently in order to steal her unborn child and call the baby her own. An autopsy indicates Snively was killed following "blunt force'' and "sharp force'' injuries and that Roberts is behind the attack. Roberts was arraigned in Washington County court earlier this month and she is charged with Snively's murder. Today, the deadline for an indictment, a grand jury is expected to hand out new charges. Because Oregon is not one of the 35 states with an unborn victims law, prosecutors can't charge Roberts with the death of the unborn child, who was eight months old at the time of the killings. Sen. Bruce Starr has been drafting legislation that would allow prosecutors to charge defendants like Roberts with two crimes for killing and injuring both mother and unborn child in such attacks. "I hope to never see another case like we've seen," Starr said. "But in the event that we do, where you have an unbelievably barbaric crime and clearly two victims, both victims will receive proper justice." Full story at

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