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Dear Friends for Life,

Last week marked 38 years since Roe v.Wade legalized abortion. The right to life is our most fundamental human right; yet we live in a culture where abortion is a daily tragedy. For decades, courts have undermined the sanctity of human life. Let us continue to remember the millions of innocent children put to death as a result of Roe v. Wade. 52,008,666 Babies Aborted Since Roe v.Wade. During this moment in our history, the words of Pope John Paul II should concern us all: "A Nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope."

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(A Thought) "Faith transcends reason because divine truth is not only higher, but also wider than the human mind, and the rationalist in his haste for premature simplification always tends to shut his eyes to one aspect of the truth and to seek a false harmony of thought by the sacrifice of an essential element of reality." - Christopher Dawson

**************************************** Newsletter #510
January 30, 2011



1. Suicide: 'human right,' not state assisted suicide
2. Belgian doctors harvest organs from euthanased patients
3. The Achilles' heel of the pro-life movement
4. Muslim population to grow by 700 million in 20 years
5. Philippines: bishops pledge help in AIDS fight
6. Internet reveals psychological scars of IVF children
7. Advisory service calls for home abortions
8. Problems arise between abortion, mental health
9. Japanese Pensioners' Shoplifting Hits Record High
10. Humans in "Frozen Orphanages"
11. Catholic Hospitals vs. the Bishops
12. Contraception use up, abortions double - WHY?


(Focus on Asia): "Massive Karachi rally in support of blasphemy law" - This uplifting poem makes a powerful point. People like to stay young, don't they? Well, if we keep our noble ideals alive, we will remain youthful even in old age. I think you will truly enjoy this poem:


ITEM #1: Suicide a 'human right,' but not state assisted suicide: European Court of Human Rights

Comment: Unfortunately, just saying that there is a "human right" to suicide opens the door to assistance. Note this quote: "The court also ruled that respect for the right to life compels the state to prevent a person from committing suicide if such a decision is not taken freely and with full knowledge". Suicide is NOT a "human right" but rather a tragedy that needs to be addressed and prevented if possible. -Nancy Valko, RN


ITEM #2: Belgian doctors harvest high quality organs from euthanased patients

Comment by Nancy Valko, RN: NHBD (non-heartbeating organ donation, currently renamed called DCD or donation after cardiac death) is apparently being used in these euthanasia donations. It seems that using "brain death" criteria of any sort would not work. This is yet another reason to opposed legalized euthanasia, NHBD and presumed consent legislation. See "Organ Procurement after Euthanasia" from the Transplantation journal, July 15, 2006. PDF online.


ITEM #3: The Achilles' heel of the pro-life movement

"Just what is the Achilles' heel of the pro-life movement? I'll give you a hint: It begins with the letter "c."

Video From The Vortex On The Evil Of Contraception

The pro-life movement is divided. And as our Blessed Lord said, 'A house divided cannot stand.' The source of the division is the scandal of the Protestant heresy and its acceptance of contraception.


ITEM #4: Muslim population to grow by 700 million in 20 years

The world's Muslim population will grow from 1.6 billion to 2.3 billion in the next two decades, according to a report published by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. There were 1.1 billion Muslims in 1990. Over the next two decades, the world's Muslim population is expected to increase from 23.4% to 26.4% of the world's population.


ITEM #5: Philippines: bishops pledge help in AIDS fight

The Catholic bishops of the Philippines have announced their plans to work aggressively for efforts to combat the spread of AIDS and to help victims of the disease. But the Church leaders stressed that they would not approve condom-giveaway programs.


ITEM #6: Internet forum reveals psychological scars of IVF children

Children born through in vitro fertilization and other advanced reproductive technologies often feel pain and resentment about their experiences.


ITEM #7 Advisory service calls for home abortions

The UK's biggest abortion provider goes to the high court today in a bid to obtain a ruling to make it easier for women to complete terminations at home.


ITEM #8: There are major problems with study showing no link between abortion, mental health problems

Danish researchers published a study this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, addressing the risk of mental health disorders in women who have a first trimester abortion and those who experience a first childbirth. They focus on the fact that there is not a statistically significant difference in first-time inpatient admissions and outpatient psychiatric visits before and after an abortion, concluding that it is unlikely that the abortion procedure causes mental health problems. However there are some major problems with this conclusion.


ITEM #9: Japanese Pensioners' Shoplifting Hits Record High

In an annual report, the National Police Agency said 27,362 pensioners were arrested for shoplifting in 2010 - almost equalling teenagers. Most of them stole food or clothes rather than luxury items, the NPA said. Japanese society is ageing rapidly and its economy remains stalled.


ITEM #10: Humans in "Frozen Orphanages"

A key argument in the embryonic stem cell debate - widely invoked by scientists, patient advocacy groups, and politicians - involves the fate of frozen embryos.


ITEM #11: Catholic Hospitals vs. the Bishops

Administrators shop for theologians to support practices that conflict with church teachings.


ITEM #12: Contraception use up, abortions double; researchers can't figure out why

The January issue of the journal Contraception contains results of a 10-yr study "to acquire information about the use of contraceptive methods in order to reduce the number of elective abortions," reads the abstract.

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