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Monday, January 24, 2011

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GOP House Leader at March for Life: permanent ban on taxpayer funding of abortion top priority

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jan 24 14:42 EST Abortion

"Now the tide has turned. There's a new majority in town," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the assembled crowd.

5 Cardinals, 39 Bishops, 10,000 faithful pack basilica for Vigil for Life Mass

John-Henry Westen Mon Jan 24 09:09 EST Abortion

In his homily, Cardinal DiNardo spoke of today's "cultural shadows", noting that they are "cast by the terrible reality of legal abortion on demand."

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

Record-breaking 50,000 attend Walk for Life West Coast

The Editors Mon Jan 24 10:32 EST Abortion

"We are here to break the bondage of the culture of death," Walk for Life co-chair Dolores Meehan told the crowd that stretched as far as the eye could see.


email intro

The Editors Mon Jan 24 22:53 EST Commentary



U.S. bishops throw support behind three key pro-life bills

John Jalsevac Mon Jan 24 18:48 EST Abortion

In three letters, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the USCCB, urged House members to support the bills.

Nearly 50% of top colleges’ health plans cover abortion: Students for Life

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

SFLA said that through federal grants the school's collaboration with abortion amounts to illegal taxpayer funding of the procedure.


Obama pledges abortion support on 38th Roe v. Wade anniversary

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Jan 24 09:18 EST Abortion

"I am committed to protecting this constitutional right," said Obama about abortion.

‘Bullet-ridden’ Pope Benedict, President Bush, Hitler included in art show of ‘evil-doers’

Rebecca Millette Mon Jan 24 16:23 EST Faith

The Toronto-based exhibition also includes a depiction of the “crucifixion of Obama,” casting the president as “a victim, crucified in the wake of special and distorted interests.”

Sask. Premier defends decision to force marriage commissioners perform gay ‘marriages’

Rebecca Millette Mon Jan 24 15:51 EST Homosexuality

"We appreciate and respect the rule of law and the role of courts in our society, especially in regards to the Charter, and so we've made our decision," he said.


Twilight: Pro-chastity? Pro-life?

Patrick B. Craine Mon Jan 24 15:12 EST Family

Does the simple fact that Bella and Edward abstain from sex before marriage warrant labeling the books pro-chastity?

Suicide a ‘human right,’ but not state assisted suicide: European Court of Human Rights

Hilary White Mon Jan 24 18:16 EST Euthanasia

The court concluded that states have no direct responsibility to help their citizens commit suicide by providing lethal drugs.


‘Stop telling women abortion is dangerous’ - abortion lobby to Macedonian gov’t

Hilary White Mon Jan 24 17:34 EST Abortion

European abortion activists are annoyed with the tiny Balkan state of Macedonia for telling women that abortion is something that carries risks, and that they can do without.


40,000-strong Paris March for Life an ‘unprecedented’ success

Jeanne Smits                                   Mon Jan 24 13:22 EST Opinion

French journalist Jeanne Smits, who attended this year's March in Paris, says that the increasing support from the Church in France augurs a new, and more hopeful era for the French pro-life movement.

The man who risked everything to oppose the culture of death

Chuck Colson                                   Mon Jan 24 11:41 EST Opinion

You have probably never heard of Lothar Kreyssig—I hadn’t until recently. Yet, after hearing his story, I realized Kreyssig was a hero for our times: a man whom, at almost unbelievable risk, stood up for the sanctity of human life.

Obama voted to protect abortionists like “house of horrors” Gosnell

Deal Hudson                                   Mon Jan 24 11:19 EST Opinion

In a Philadelphia jail today sits an abortion doctor who is facing murder charges for doing something President Obama thinks should be legal in order to protect the "abortion right."

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